ŞİMŞEK Missile Successfully Hits Its Target

lightning missile successfully hit its target
lightning missile successfully hit its target

The ŞİMŞEK Target Aircraft System, developed by TUSAŞ, has been made capable of hitting surface targets. ŞİMŞEK Missile successfully carried out its first firing test.

The development, President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR announced. DEMİR made a statement on his social media account, “Our target plane, ŞİMŞEK, who got bored of being hit, has now decided to shoot! ŞİMŞEK has become a GPS-guided missile that can fly autonomously and hit targets at long distances. He didn't tell his distance. Congratulations Tusash. Congratulations Roketsan.” statements were included.

During the firing test, the SMOKING Missile was fired over the catapult. However, ŞİMŞEK was recently integrated into TAI's ANKA type Medium Altitude – Long Endurance (MALE) type unmanned aerial vehicle platform. ANKA will be able to operate with two ŞİMŞEK Missiles loaded.

ŞİMŞEK High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System is an original design of TAI, which was initiated as a Research and Development project in 2009 to meet the training needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) air defense units.

Features of ŞİMŞEK:

  • 45 minutes airtime
  • Max speed 400 kts
  • Duty capability between 1000ft (350m) and 15000ft (4500m) (ASL) altitudes
  • Range 50 km
  • Take off with launcher
  • Landing or landing with a parachute
  • Takeoff and control from ship helicopter platforms
  • Structure produced with advanced composite technologies
  • Compliance with military standards
  • Fully autonomous flight capability with route / direction / speed / altitude hold modes, including take-off and landing, thanks to the unique "YKI Flight Control System" and "Autopilot System"
  • Pre-mission planning and control with Ground Control Station, ability to change during flight
  • Automatic landing by coming to the predetermined return home point in case of emergency with Return-to-Home and Emergency Landing Modes
  • Recording and playback of real-time encrypted digital flight data rangefinders
  • Digital map automatic recognition


  • Passive Radar Trace Enhancer

Additional Payload Integration Studies:

  • MDI
  • CMDS
  • smoke generator
  • Radar Altimeter

Günceleme: 25/10/2021 11:34

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