What is a Crematorium? What Happens to the Body in the Cremation Process?

what is a crematorium, what happens to the body in the cremation process
what is a crematorium, what happens to the body in the cremation process

Many people wonder what exactly the crematorium is. Crematorium is the name given to the cremation of the deceased. Although this process is not widely used in our country, there are places where this service is provided. You may be wondering what a crematorium is and what exactly is done here. We have also compiled all the details about what conditions must be met in order to be cremated in crematoriums.

Crematoriums are a procedure performed in many countries around the world. In places called crematoriums, the deceased are burned and turned into ashes after special processes. Burning the deceased is a method that has a place in many religions and cultures. For this reason, this method is optionally used in our country.

What is a Crematorium?

The crematorium is actually the place where the cremation event took place. The name given to the method of cremation is cremation. The realization of the cremation process is not as easy as it seems. For this reason, specially developed techniques are used to cremate the dead and turn them into ashes. These techniques, on the other hand, should be applied by people who are experts in this field and have the necessary documents and competencies. Otherwise, undesirable situations may occur.

Although cremation takes place in crematoriums, other methods other than cremation are also applied. In addition, the relatives of the person who will be cremated may want to arrange a funeral for this person in advance. In such a case, there are also special places where open coffin ceremonies can be held inside the crematoriums. Sometimes this room is not separate from the cremation room and the process takes place in the same room with a barrier in between. In this way, the relatives of the deceased can fulfill their last duties.

What is the Crematorium Process?

The crematorium process is the burning of the deceased in accordance with his last will or religion. This process is called the cremation process. Although cremation procedures are thought to be a simple 'incineration' practice, the reality is different. It takes a long time until the cremation is completely finished and interventions other than incineration may be required.

During the cremation process, the corpse is first placed in the area where the cremation will take place. This area is in the form of a small cabin and the corpse is placed in it. Only one corpse can be taken into the crematorium at a time. However, there are some exceptions to this situation. For example, a mother and her baby who died in childbirth can be cremated at the same time.

Before the cremation begins in the crematorium, the unwanted objects on the corpse are removed. These are jewellery, gold teeth, etc. it could be. The corpse is carefully inspected, as such fragments can cause distress during the cremation process. Since it will not be possible to remove implant-style metals in the body, they are not touched at the first stage.

In crematoriums, corpses are cremated at 850 degrees. It may not be possible for some bones to be completely ash during the cremation process. These bones are carefully broken and the burning process begins. The remains of the body are then pulverized in the same way. At this point, the remaining metals in the body are also released. These materials, such as pacemakers and implants, are attracted by a magnet and separated from the remains of the corpse. Then the corpse is completely pulverized. This happens by passing the residues through a grinder. The average weight of these ashes is 450 grams.

The ashes are placed in a lidded vase and delivered to the deceased's relatives. The ashes can then be buried in cemeteries. One of the advantages of the crematorium process is that less land area is used in such burials.

But these ashes are not necessarily buried. There are also those who keep vases containing the ashes of their relatives in private places. However, the ashes of some people may be scattered in a certain place in accordance with their will. In this way, the last wish of the person is fulfilled.

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