Intense Interest from Citizens to Park-Valet Application in Kayseri

Intense interest in parking valet application from citizens of Kayseri
Intense interest in parking valet application from citizens of Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Citizens showed great interest in the 'park and valet application' service, which was initiated by Kaleönü in the parking lot area. Citizens who want to save time and get rid of the hassle of searching for a parking lot do not have parking problems by leaving their cars to the Metropolitan Municipality officials.

The Metropolitan Municipality prioritizes 'service satisfaction' while implementing its projects one by one in order to provide the best service to its citizens. Citizens who parked their cars on the busiest streets of the city stated that they were very pleased with the valet service and the facilitation of life in this area.

With the 'park and valet application', which attracts great attention from the citizens, the citizens who want to park their vehicles are prevented from wandering around looking for an empty place.


Vehicle drivers, stating that they do not rush to search for parking lots with this application, said, “Our Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç and Transportation Inc. We thank the team for bringing such a service to the city. Now we can safely deliver our vehicle to the valet without the hassle of searching for a parking lot, and get it back at any time without any problems.”


The vehicle, which will be parked by the Metropolitan Municipality parking lot officers, is checked with seat bags, gloves and masks within the scope of the corona virus pandemic process and is taken from the driver from the Kaleönü Valet Point, while the parking process is carried out with precision in the Bedesten Multi-Storey Car Park. The vehicle, license plate and driver contact information is registered in the system, and a link and password are sent to the given phone number. When you want to pick up the vehicle, you can click on the link on your mobile phone and leave a note about when you want to pick up the vehicle.

Valet service is available between 10:00 and 19:30. If the vehicle continues to stay in the parking lot after 19:30, the vehicle can be picked up from the Bedesten Car Park until 21:00 on the same day or the next day between 07:00 and 21:00, by showing the password sent to the mobile phone to the parking attendant. . Drivers are warned not to keep valuables in their vehicles.


In addition, the valet application serves as an environmentally friendly practice in terms of preventing the vehicles from burning extra fuel and wasting, and preventing the emission of extra exhaust gas.

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