Kardemir Started to Export in Railway Wheel

Kardemir Started to Export on Railway Wheels
Kardemir Started to Export on Railway Wheels

Kardemir A.Ş., Turkey's first and pioneering industrial establishment company, started exporting railway wheels after the domestic supply, with the certification processes completed and its production capabilities improving day by day.

The statement of the institution is as follows: Our company, which has the first and only Railway Wheel Production Facility in Turkey and the number one in the region, will export 30.000 freight wagon wheels as a result of the agreement reached with the buyers in the European Union (EU) region. Our company, which ended the foreign dependency of our country in this field by meeting all of the domestic freight wagon wheel needs in 2021, prevents our national wealth from going abroad while contributing to foreign currency inflows with its exports.

Our factory, which has an annual production capacity of 200.000 railway wheels, has gained the ability to export freight wagon wheels that can be used in railway transportation, primarily to the European market, to the world, with the certification processes it has completed.

Thanks to our export shipments that will start in the EU Region in 2022, we will continue to create added value for our country's economy while introducing the production power of our company and our country to Europe. While we continue to fight imports in the field of iron and steel, not only in the railway wheel, but also in the field of iron and steel with our railway rail, heavy profile and 5,5-56 mm coil, which are among the firsts of Turkey, we also contribute to the country's economy with our export and marketing activities. We continue.

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