754 Thousand Square Meters Military Area Has Been Constructed For Canal Istanbul

A thousand square meter military area has been opened for construction for canal Istanbul
A thousand square meter military area has been opened for construction for canal Istanbul

754 thousand square meters of military area belonging to TOKİ in Arnavutköy was opened for construction for Kanal Istanbul. With the change in the zoning plan approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the military area was declared an "industry and storage zone".

SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli The zoning plans of the military area of ​​754 thousand square meters in Arnavutköy Yassıören Neighborhood belonging to TOKİ (transferred) have been changed. The plan change was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and suspended.

With the amendment, the gigantic land marked as "military area" in the 1/100 thousand Environmental Plan, which was accepted as the constitution of Istanbul, was given the function of "industry and storage area".

'Industrial organizations are looking for a new location'

In the plan explanation report, it was stated that, within the urban development process, industrial establishments were in search of new places due to the localization of the industrial areas in Istanbul, and it was stated that "With the Kanal Istanbul Project, the increase in the accessibility of the region and the products produced as Turkey's gateway to the world will enable them to directly participate in the market."

When the current land use is examined, it is stated that there are industrial zones in the area between the TEM and Northern Marmara highway, and "The planning area is close to the production and consumption centers in the region, close to the highway and air transport connections, and the connection of the area with the important commercial ports with its connection to the Kanal Istanbul Project. It is thought that it will create an important industrial center for Turkey thanks to its strengthening.

According to the information in the disclosure report, the land, which does not have sub-scale zoning plans, is the neighbor of Yenişehir, which is planned to be built around Kanal Istanbul. There are tree communities in the middle of the planning area and at the edge of the road area. There is no actual construction in the area. 97 percent of the land is owned by TOKİ, and 3 percent is non-registered, that is, it is not subject to any ownership.

66 percent is reserved as industrial area

With the change made for the giant land, 754 percent of the 66 thousand square meters area in the sub-scale plans was reserved as industrial area, 2 percent as commercial area, and 32 percent as reinforcement area. The precedent for the industrial facility area was determined as 1.50 height and 3 floors. The detailed distribution of functions was as follows:

“495 thousand 898 square meters for industrial facility, 18 thousand 815 square meters for commercial units, 2 thousand 4 square meters for 438 mosques, 3 thousand 343 square meters for administrative service area, 2 thousand 406 square meters for social facilities, 82 thousand 723 square meters for parks, road 110 thousand square meters were allocated for The remaining area is planned as a health facility, fuel station, square, municipality service area, parking lot, passive green area, public transportation transfer point, technical education area.

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