International Award for Women's Emergency Support Application

international award for women's emergency support application
international award for women's emergency support application

The Women's Emergency Support Application (KADES), which was put into use by the Ministry of Interior in 2018 to notify women in cases of risk and threat and to direct law enforcement officers to the scene, was awarded an award by the 2021 Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.

The KADES mobile application, which was implemented by the General Directorate of Security and contributed to the fight against violence against women, attracted attention in the international arena.

The Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, at its 15th General Assembly Meeting in Paris, awarded KADES within the scope of “Combating domestic violence with national helplines and smartphone applications in the Kovid-19 outbreak”.

The award of KADES will be presented at a ceremony to be held at the Italian Parliament on November 18 in Rome.

Mobile application KADES has been installed by 2018 people since 2.659.012. Police and Gendarmerie teams have responded to 215.387 reports made on KADES so far. The teams, which were immediately directed to the whistleblower zones, ensured the prevention of domestic violence and violence against women.

Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly

The Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, which operates with the aim of ensuring cooperation on economic, social and political issues among the countries bordering the Mediterranean, is the person or institution that contributes to the strengthening of mutual understanding, socio-economic cooperation, political dialogue, trust building and conflict resolution among the peoples of the region with its activities every year. and awards to organizations.

The Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly has 29 members and 4 observer members. The member states are:
“Turkey, France, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Greek Cyprus, Egypt, Croatia, Morocco, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Mauritania, Andorra, Bosnia -Herzegovina, San Marino, Syria, Slovenia, Romania, Palestine and Tunisia.”

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