Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed in Izmir Metro, Strike Decision Cancelled

A collective labor agreement was signed in the Izmir metro, the strike decision was cancelled.
A collective labor agreement was signed in the Izmir metro, the strike decision was cancelled.

İzmir Metro A.Ş., affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The 9th term collective bargaining agreement between Demiryol İş Union and Demiryol İş Union was signed at night. Minister Tunç SoyerStating that the employees received their reward for their efforts and that the citizens were not victims, he said, "Congratulations to İzmir".

Izmir Metro A.S. The ongoing 9th term collective bargaining agreement negotiations between SODEMSEN, authorized by the management, and the Demiryol İş Union, which is organized in the metro and tram businesses, resulted in an agreement at night. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, “İzmir Metro A.Ş. I am happy to announce that we have come to an agreement with the workers of İzmir Tramway and İzmir Tram. I am very pleased to come to a conclusion that our citizens are not victims and that our workers are rewarded for their efforts. Good luck to Izmir," he said.

According to the contract covering 627 employees working in different business lines in the Metro and Tramway enterprises, the lowest salary of the personnel was increased from 4 thousand 856 TL to 7 thousand 553 TL. The highest personnel salary rose from 7 thousand 845 TL to 11 thousand 302 TL gross.

According to the business lines, the monthly gross business risk fees of 110 and 71 TL were increased to 180 and 130 gross monthly. In addition, for the first time in this contract to all union members, monthly gross 150 TL for the first six months, 200 TL monthly for the second six months; In the second year, a monthly gross business risk fee of 250 TL for the first six months and a monthly gross 300 TL for the second six months will be paid. Travel, meals and minimum living allowance (AGI) will also be included in the calculations.

For the first year of the contract, at the beginning of the first six months, the group fees are 32 TL in gross; At the beginning of the second six months, a gross daily wage increase of 15 TL will be made. For the first time, a monthly gross daily attendance incentive premium will also be given. Another first will be combined social assistance. In the first year, monthly net 200 TL will be paid, and in the second year, 300 TL will be paid monthly. While annual leave progress payments are increased by three days; Again for the first time, with this contract, all employees will be paid a net 1500 TL as bank promotion fee.

The biggest support for education

The largest increases in the contract were made to support education. For the first time, a kindergarten/nursery/disabled child assistance of 1300 TL will be given per year. Primary school aid, which is 215 TL, is 1300 TL in gross; the same amount of secondary school aid to 1500 TL in gross; High school aid of 430 TL was increased to 1750 TL gross, and university aid of 645 TL was increased to 2 thousand 500 TL gross. In addition, for the first time, a gross education support of 1500 TL will be provided to all personnel who have received university education from abroad.

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