Strike Decision from Izmir Metro Employees

strike decision from izmir metro employees
strike decision from izmir metro employees

The negotiation of the contract covering 627 employees working in the metro and tram in İzmir was carried out between the Social Democrat Public Employers' Union authorized by the company and the Turkish Railway Workers' Union.

Hamdullah Giral, Head of İzmir Branch of the Turkish Railway Workers' Union, said that the meeting with the employer's union resulted in a dispute on July 6, and that no results were obtained in the meetings attended by the official mediator, and that they hung the decision as per the law.

Stating that they will continue the struggle for rights with 627 Metro employees for their demands, Giral stated that the day and time of the strike will be announced later, and said: Our aim is not to make victims of ourselves or the people of Izmir. Tunç Soyer Our only request from our president is METRO A.Ş., which has been exploiting labor for 21 years with a low wage policy. management is now saying 'Stop'. METRO A.S. If the management returns with a positive result, we will also pull the congratulatory dance for a good collective agreement instead of pulling the strike dance. As a union, we stand behind the demands of our members, and we will not give up the struggle until they are accepted.”

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