Izmir is Ready for the Republic Day

ready for izmir republic day
ready for izmir republic day

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a two-day program for the 29 October Republic Day, which spreads throughout the city. On the evening of 29 October, after the lantern procession from Cumhuriyet Square to Gündoğdu Square, there is a Sıla concert.

İzmir is getting ready to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the Republic with colorful events. In the two-day program prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the 29 October Republic Day, in addition to the official ceremonies, a series of events such as concerts, dance performances, talks and exhibitions will be held throughout the city.

The lantern procession will be the scene of colorful images

The celebration, which will start with an official ceremony and cortege in Cumhuriyet Square at 29 on the morning of 10.30 October, will continue with a lantern procession and a flag-carrying march from Cumhuriyet Square to Gündoğdu Square at 20.00. While live sculptures, carnival group and Women's Rhythm Ensemble accompany the lantern procession, Zeybeks will welcome the Turkish flag at the end of the parade. In the evening, at 20.30, there is a Sıla concert in Gündoğdu Square.

Celebration all over Izmir

The enthusiasm of the republic will spread to the districts outside the center. There will be a Fire of Anatolia dance show on October 28 at 20.30 at Menderes 19 Mayıs Stadium, and on October 29 at Bayındır District Stadium. Between October 28 and October 30, Mobile Library activities will be held in Menemen Hatundere village square and Aliağa Şakran neighborhood square throughout the day. From modern shadow play shows to village theater performances, a festive mood will blow. In the Kireli Village of Tire, the 14.30th October Festival will begin at 29. After the opening of the Atatürk Statue in the village square, the plane tree of the Republic will be planted. There are orchestra concerts with the theme of “Republic and Freedom” on 28 October at 19.00 on Urla Zafer Caddesi and on 29 October at Foça Democracy Square.

Young people will have fun and compete

Within the scope of the program, there will be youth concerts, outdoor performances and dance shows at Kültürpark on October 28 and 29. On October 29, between 10.00-17.00 at Celal Atik Sports Hall, Sportive Salsa Republic Cup and FIFA21 and NBA2K21 ESPOR Tournament Republic Cup in virtual environment.

From conversation to exhibition

On October 28, at 14.00, Serdar Şahinkaya will meet with the people of İzmir with a talk titled “Scissor Change in Republican Economy, From Colonial Economy to Populist Economy” at Ahmet Piriştina City Archive and Museum. On October 29, at 18.00, there is the opening of the miniature exhibition at Kulturpark Atlas Pavilion C Gallery.

First stage results for the 100th Anniversary Anthem announced

The winners of the poetry competition category, which is the first stage of the 100th Anniversary Anthem Poetry and Composition Contest organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the 100th anniversary of the Republic, will be announced on October 29 at 12.30 at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM).

Village Theaters joint event on 25 and 26 October

As part of the program, today (Monday, October 25) a joint event of the Village Theaters with the theme of 29 October will be held. There is a modern shadow play by Cemal Fatih Polat at 20.00 at the İzmir Art Center in Kültürpark. Village Theaters will meet with the people of Izmir with the Republic Oratorio at 20.30. On Tuesday, October 26, at the Mustafa Necati Cultural Center in Yeşilyurt, a modern shadow play will be performed at 19.00 and a one-act play by the Ulamış Village Theater called “Through Life” will be performed at 20.00.

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