We Are On Tracking Atam Exhibition Opened in İzmir Kültürpark

We Are On Track, Atam Exhibition Opened in İzmir Kültürpark
We Are On Track, Atam Exhibition Opened in İzmir Kültürpark

The exhibition “We Are On Leave My Father”, hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and prepared for the 29 October Republic Day, opened its doors. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, working with the vision of making Izmir the capital of culture and art Tunç SoyerIn his speech at the opening of the exhibition, he said, “We are faced with an extraordinary art”.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerA new one has been added to the activities carried out in line with the vision of İzmir to transform İzmir into a city of culture and art. While the touches that make İzmir stand out both in Turkey and abroad are increasing day by day, an exhibition that will attract a lot of attention was opened in Kültürpark on the anniversary of the 29 October Republic Day. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality crowned the 98th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey with an unforgettable exhibition. “The man who fills the fig seed” Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who attended the exhibition opening of Micro Art Artist Hasan Kale's own line, art and small objects and Atatürk portraits. Tunç Soyer made statements.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor at the opening of the exhibition, which meets art lovers free of charge at İzmir Kültürpark Atlas Pavilion and can be visited until 9 January 2022. Tunç Soyer's wife, Neptün Soyer, art lovers from Izmir, and Atatürk fans from many provinces of Turkey and abroad.

The exhibition, which appeals to everyone who lives in the light of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was created with the title of “29 works on October 29” and received great appreciation from the visitors. Speaking at the exhibition, where Atatürk was depicted in different objects of life, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“We are faced with an extraordinary art,” he said.

“Not mine, but all of us”

Artist Hasan Kale, who connected to the opening of the exhibition with a live broadcast, said, “Happy 29 October Republic Day and many more. In the presence of the Mayor, I would like to thank those who gave us these opportunities. They're all good. This is not actually an exhibition of Hasan Kale, it is an exhibition of all of us.”

“We are fans”

In his speech to Kale, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Soyer said, “Dear Hasan, we visited your exhibition. And you got me thinking; What kind of heart and talent do a person's fingers and hands have to be so skillful? We admired. Bless your hands, your work and your heart.”

Came from the Netherlands for Atatürk

Atatürk fan Martin Hovestad, who came from the Netherlands only for the exhibition, said, “One of the points that impressed me most about Atatürk; In his speech addressing the soldiers of foreign powers who died in the Battle of Gallipoli, he was impressed by the statement "Now those soldiers are the sons of our homeland". Expressing that he had Atatürk's signature tattooed on his shoulder as a permanent tattoo, Hovestad said, "I will always carry Atatürk in my heart until I die."

“We are faced with an extraordinary art”

Examining the works in the exhibition one by one with art lovers, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer also shared his feelings and thoughts while signing the memoir. Metropolitan Mayor Soyer said, “We are faced with an extraordinary art. Hasan Kale is truly one of the unique artists of the world.”

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