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Gum aesthetics or pink aesthetics is a treatment application that brings the gingival level to the desired standard. Dental aesthetics, which is called this because it is usually caused by aesthetic problems, is done to combine the gums that appear too much when talking with the lip line. Excessive appearance of the gums during smiling and the so-called gum smile are eliminated with pink aesthetics.

In cases where there are unwanted pigmentations (dark red coloration, staining) in the anterior gums in addition to the excessively visible gums, pink aesthetics is applied for gingival recession if the gingival levels are not at the same level in the anterior teeth. aesthetic appearance and concern. If you are wondering what is dental aesthetics, how to do gum aesthetics, how to make tooth extensions, continue reading our article.

How is Gum Aesthetics Treatment Performed? Gingivoplasty Procedure

To ensure that the gums are in a certain form, gingival aesthetics or tooth lengthening is performed. In some cases, the alignment of the teeth may be problematic, not just in the gums. In this case, the gums are corrected first, and then the alignment of the teeth is completed. Gingivoplasty, also known as gingivoplasty or pink aesthetic, is planned according to the patient's gingival structure after the specialist physician's examination. The methods used for dental aesthetics or gingival aesthetics are as follows:

Regenerative: Regenerative, which is one of the methods of dental aesthetics, is the creation of new support structures using bone graft after the removal of damaged tissues in the teeth.

Gingivectomy: With gingivectomy, which is one of the methods of gingival aesthetics, excess gingiva is removed in gingival enlargement and in areas where deep pockets are formed.

The gingival contours are corrected and the gingiva is given an aesthetic appearance.

Gingivoplasty: Known as pink aesthetic, gingivoplasty is applied to correct excessively visible gingival or asymmetrical gingival levels.

Crown lengthening: It is the removal of excess gingival tissue to eliminate tissue loss in the teeth. It is one of the most used methods in dental aesthetics.

Since it is among the pink aesthetic minor surgery applications, it is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, no pain or pain is felt during the treatment. There is no problem when performing gum aesthetics or pink tooth aesthetics.

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