Istanbul Sea Taxi Fees Are 100 Lira

istanbul sea taxi fares became lira
istanbul sea taxi fares became lira

At the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting, the Sea Taxi fare tariff was determined. Sea taxis with a capacity of 10 passengers will have an opening fee of 1 TL, including 100 mile.

With the decision taken, the Sea Taxi fare tariff will be as follows: The opening fee is 1 TL including 100 mile, 1 TL per mile between 4-75 miles (including 4 miles), 4 TL per mile between 8-60 miles (8 miles included), 8 miles then 48 TL per mile.

Eight of the 50 Sea Taxi's under production at Haliç Shipyard will start to serve in October. Sea Taxis will have two personnel, a captain and a sailor. Women sailors will also be among the staff.


Sea Taxis, with a capacity of 10 passengers, aims to increase the share of the sea in public transportation by being able to be used every hour, regardless of voyage times. It will be possible to be called from 98 piers in the first place with an application. Passengers will be able to make reservations by choosing the piers, date and time they want to travel to.

In the future, it will start to serve as a "Taxi Dolmus" with its shared usage model, and it will also be able to be called to any place where boats are allowed to berth, independent of the piers.

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