IONIQ 5 Outperforms Comparative Tests in Germany

ioniq outperforms comparative tests in Germany
ioniq outperforms comparative tests in Germany

At the beginning of 2021, Hyundai Motor Company announced IONIQ, a sub-brand that it will produce only electric new cars, and then presented its model named “5” to car lovers. In addition to being electric, the IONIQ 5 stands out as a vehicle developed by referring to Hyundai's first model PONY.

Auto Bild and Auto Motor und Sport, known as the two most respected automobile magazines in the world, examined the IONIQ 5 model in detail in the comparative tests they carried out in their latest issue. Winning five of the seven categories in the tests, the IONIQ 5 surpassed a well-established German competitor in dynamics such as width, comfort, powertrain and driving dynamics, while also reaching the highest value in cost ratings. The fully electric vehicle can be charged from 18 percent to 10 percent in 80 minutes. With this extraordinary 800 volt feature, it outperformed its rival by a big difference and reached a total of 577 points in the Auto Bild comparison test. Evaluating almost the same criteria, the editors of Auto Motor und Sport also considered the IONIQ 5 to have many advanced technical features as well as its fast and powerful charging feature. These features are mainly; Versatile and smooth regenerative braking, precision brakes and V2L (the ability to power or charge a 230 volt electronic device from the vehicle) in the vehicle. Magazine editors gave the electric vehicle a total score of 631.

IONIQ, which produces only electric vehicles, uses Hyundai's new platform E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform). Built exclusively for BEV vehicles, this platform has unique proportions on an extended wheelbase.

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