International Adana Flavor Festival Hosted 285 Thousand People

international adana flavor festival hosted a thousand people
international adana flavor festival hosted a thousand people

Organized for the 5th time this year with the theme of Geography is Flavor, the International Adana Flavor Festival hosted 3 thousand visitors for 285 days. More than 51 brands took part with their products in the festival, where 23 speakers and 100 chefs attended the conference and the taste stages, which gave its visitors pleasant moments. During the festival period, when all the hotels in Adana, which has a bed capacity of 11 thousand, were full, the occupancy rates of the touristic facilities in the surrounding provinces and districts such as Tarsus and Mersin also increased. Making a great contribution to the promotion of Adana gastronomic culture, the festival contributed 3 million TL to the city's economy for 150 days.

The 8th International Adana Flavor Festival, which was held with the theme of “Geography is Flavor” in Adana Merkez Park, hosted by the Adana Governorship between 10-5 October, hosted 285 people from all over Turkey as well as the people of Adana. At the Flavor Stage of the festival, where 51 speakers took part, 23 local, national and international chefs interpreted the flavors of Adana cuisine with their unique recipes with special stage presentations. During the festival, more than 100 local brands of Adana brought their local flavors together with the visitors.

Contributed 150 Million TL to the economy of the city

According to 61 data, where the overnight expenditure of tourists is 2020 dollars, this rate increased by 200 percent per person during the festival period in Adana. During the festival period, when all the hotels in Adana with a bed capacity of 11 thousand were full, there was a significant increase in occupancy rates in Tarsus and Mersin as well. It was evaluated that those coming to Adana from outside the city spent approximately 1.100 TL in two days for activities such as accommodation, eating, drinking and shopping, and the total tourist expenditure during the festival period contributed approximately 110.000.000 TL to the Adana economy. Considering that 35.000 kg of meat was consumed in the festival, where flavors of the city's cuisine, especially Adana Kebab, the iconic flavor of Adana, were presented, the contribution of the festival to the city's economy was approximately 150.000.000 TL.

21 young chefs received their mastery certificates

This year's first of the festival included Adana kebab mastery training by young chefs. 21 students studying in faculties of gastronomy and culinary arts throughout Turkey became the owners of registered Adana kebab master certificates with the trainings they attended. Young chefs, who received their certificates in the trainings organized in cooperation with Adana Chamber of Commerce, will continue their professional lives as Adana kitchen volunteers.

In Turkey's first waste-free festival, 10 tons of waste was sent from source to recycling

Within the scope of sustainable future, which is one of the important agenda topics of the festival this year, all wastes are separated at their source and sent for recycling. In this context, 50 liters of vegetable oil, 3 tons of packaging waste and 10 tons of domestic waste were sent for recycling. The plastic caps collected at the festival supported the Spinal Cord Paralysis Association of Turkey (TOFD) Cover for Life campaign. The raw vegetable and fruit wastes collected at the festival were used for the Waste Free City Adana – From Soil to Soil Biodegradable Waste Project to be turned into compost, inspired by the “We Are Healing Life” project conducted by Chef and Social Entrepreneur Ebru Baybara Demir. The compost obtained from the raw vegetable and fruit waste collected at the festival will be used free of charge to farmers for the improvement of agricultural lands.

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