Mass Production Process is Begun for Unmanned Marine Vehicles

Mass production process is started in unmanned sea vehicles
Mass production process is started in unmanned sea vehicles

Answering Journalist Mehmet Acet's questions about the point the Turkish defense industry has reached in the Başkent Kulisi program of Kanal 7 TV, President of Presidency Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made important statements about Unmanned Marine Vehicles.

İsmail Demir announced that the sea tests of ULAQ SİDA and Albatros-S İDA have been completed and mass production will begin soon. With the IDAs to be added to the inventory, many operations can be carried out. Various systems can be used in IDAs; EH systems, various gun turrets can be placed. In addition, IDAs can be used in missions such as attack, communication relay and electronic warfare.

In the post made by İsmail DEMİR on his Twitter account, it was reported that the first phase of the Sürü İDA Project had been completed. Demir shared, “We are developing a capability that few countries are working on, as domestic-national. We have completed the first phase of our Herd IDA Project, where we aim to provide swarm capability to unmanned sea vehicles, autonomy and the execution of various tasks. The continuation will follow…”

ULAQ SİDA hit the target successfully

The ULAQ series Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle (SİDA) successfully hit its target by performing the first blockade in the Denizkurdu-2021 Exercise. ARES Shipyard General Manager Utku Alanç emphasized that with the completion of the firing tests, they now aim to develop the World's Best Unmanned Marine Vehicles and lead the world as Turkish Engineers in this field. He said that they aim to become a pioneer and an ally country. Meteksan Defense General Manager Selçuk Alparslan stated that we, as Turkey, pioneered the rewritten doctrines in the world military conjuncture, and said that they are very proud of the fact that the firing tests were carried out in the Sea Wolf 1, the most comprehensive naval exercise in the history of the Republic of Turkey, of ULAQ SİDA, which they started 2021 year ago. .

ULAQ Series Unmanned Marine Vehicles

The Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle ULAQ has a length of 11 meters and a width of 2,70 meters. In addition, SİDA, which has 6 tons of displacement, carries 2 tons of payload. The Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle ULAQ is equipped with a 4-pod, 2,75 ″ Laser Guided Missile CİRİT and a Laser Guided Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System (L-UMTAS) with a double launcher, which are products of the national missile systems manufacturer Roketsan. Unmanned Systems Project Manager Onur Yıldırım stated in his presentation that the platform in question has an infrastructure suitable for the integration of other weapons such as SUNGUR and STAMP.

The ULAQ series consists of six vehicles. In the series; Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle (SİDA), Intelligence Reconnaissance and Surveillance Electronic Warfare Vehicle (ISR & EW), Surface Fighting Vehicle (ASuW - G / M), Mine Countermeasure Vehicle (MCMV), Fire Fighting Vehicle (FiFi) and Submarine Defense War. There is an intermediary (ASW).

Ares Shipyard Unmanned Systems Project Manager Onur Yıldırım stated that the Electronic Warfare Vehicle (ISR & EW) capable of Intelligence Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR & EW) in the ULAQ series is on the agenda, although it is not clear. He also added that in the aforementioned version there will be electronic mixing. The version in question is planned to be released onto water over nationally produced TF-2000 frigates.

ULAQ Series

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