İmamoğlu: Religious Abuse is an Important Obstacle to World Peace

Imamoglu religious abuse is an important obstacle to world peace.
Imamoglu religious abuse is an important obstacle to world peace.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, within the scope of 'October 1-7 Mosques and Religious Officials Week', met with 700 religious officials working in Istanbul. Saying, "Selfs filled with arrogance do harm not only to their surroundings and themselves, but also to the beliefs and values ​​they represent," İmamoğlu said. Abuse of religion unfortunately constitutes an important obstacle to world peace, social security and the inner peace of individuals.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, within the scope of "1-7 October Mosques and Religious Officials Week", met with religious officials and mosque staff. The dinner meeting held at Florya Social Facilities started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. IMM sent invitations to a total of 3 religious officials working throughout Istanbul for the meeting. Meeting with approximately 574 religious officials attending the event, İmamoğlu said, “I find it very valuable that this special week is celebrated with the theme of 'Mosque, religious officials and fidelity' this year. Because loyalty is really one of the most important traits that make a person human.” Emphasizing that the feeling of loyalty is one of the characteristics needed humanly and socially, İmamoğlu said, “Our mosques, where we all turn to the qibla and stand in prostration, are in a sense the symbols of the feeling of loyalty in people. Mosques are the places where we express our feelings of gratitude and loyalty to Allah, who created the universe in the most perfect and most beautiful form, and where we express our feelings most intensely.”


Saying, "When we start to see ourselves as superior to others, the road that opens before us will only lead us to hostility and conflict," said İmamoğlu.

“Selfs filled with arrogance harm not only their surroundings and themselves, but also the beliefs and values ​​they represent. It is not something a faithful heart can do to dismiss a person's quality of being created as a human being and to see him as different from and inferior to ourselves because of his physical characteristics, social identities, thoughts and beliefs. We have to treat not only people, but all living things, the entire universe, with the same love and respect. We should be able to understand, feel and feel more this humane and virtuous essence of our religion, which commands goodness, keeps evil away, shows ways to be of good moral character, and places great value on equality and justice in society.


Emphasizing that in all religions and beliefs, there are people who are eager to gain benefits through religion, İmamoğlu said, “Unfortunately, abuse of religion is an important obstacle to world peace, social security and the inner peace of individuals. to be faithful; A religious understanding that sees the meaning and value of worship as performed without being thought about and felt, also aggravates this picture. Emphasizing that he believes religious officials have a very important role at this point, İmamoğlu said, “Because, in the words of our elders, religious officials are 'Hademe-i hayrat'. In other words, they are those who serve for charity, dedicating their lives to the cause of charity. Being in religious service is a huge responsibility and requires the highest level of sensitivity. Because religious officials do not teach religion by talking and explaining, but by experiencing it personally. I wish all religious officials of our country and the Islamic world to attain the conditions to fulfill their duties in the most ideal way. I congratulate you for the effort you put into this path. I would like to thank you for your sensitivity to do your duty in the most correct way.”


In his speech at the event, Deputy Secretary General of IMM Mahir Polat explained in detail their work for mosques. Emphasizing that these efforts will continue, Polat said, "It should not be forgotten that religious officials are a great social binder in the life of a city and in the life of a country." Pointing out the importance of the "Religions Desk", established by Imamoglu's instruction, in determining the needs of mosques and their congregations and providing the necessary answers, Polat said, "Services for mosques and clergy will increasingly continue." After the speeches, İmamoğlu visited the participants at their desks.

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