Two Cities One Purpose, Paris and Istanbul Share Their Experiences in Urban Transformation

two cities one purpose paris and istanbul shared their experiences in urban transformation
two cities one purpose paris and istanbul shared their experiences in urban transformation

In the seminar hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Paris and Istanbul shared their experiences in urban transformation. Paris Investment Agency (PYA) officials emphasized that they are trying to solve the missing housing problem in Paris by producing 75 thousand houses per year. Istanbul Investment Agency (IYA), on the other hand, explained that IMM aims to increase green areas in urban transformation and to double the rail systems in public transportation.

PYA officials, who came to Istanbul hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), shared their urban transformation experiences with IYA. PYA talked about the 'Great Paris Transformation Project'. IYA also shared IMM's green city vision and its targets in public transportation with its interlocutors.


Undertaking an important mission for Istanbul, the locomotive of the Turkish economy, to take off, exchanged ideas on urban transformation with PYA officials at the seminar it held at the Museum Gazhane. In the event moderated by IA President Turgut Tuncay Önbilgin, PYA officials shared their experiences in the 'Great Paris Project'.


Stating that the Great Paris Project, which is a 20-year transformation project, cost 35 billion Euros, Paris Development Agency President Guillaume Pasquier said that this project will contribute 100 billion Euros to the French economy. Stating that the biggest problem in Paris is the lack of housing stock, Bertrand Lemoine, Former Head of Architects of the Great Paris Project, noted that they will solve this problem in 75 years by building 15 thousand houses every year.


IA President Önbilgin drew attention to the need to increase green areas while urban transformation is being carried out in Istanbul. Speaking at the seminar, IMM Rail Systems Department Head Pelin Alpkökin said that they aim to increase rail systems in public transportation from 16 percent to 35 percent.

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