İBB Heritage Will Transform the 1610-Year-Old Bukoleon Palace into an Open Air Museum

ibb will turn its annual bucoleon palace into an open-air museum
ibb will turn its annual bucoleon palace into an open-air museum

IMM Heritage, which is under the IMM Cultural Heritage Department, which protects the cultural heritage of Istanbul, will transform the 1610-year-old Bukoleon Palace into an open-air museum. The oldest fountain of Istanbul is also coming to light.

IMM Heritage, within the body of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Cultural Heritage Department, brings the 1610-year-old palace to Istanbulites. The team, which cares about the correct restoration works, carries out the process in a transparent manner. As a result of the works, the oldest fountain of Istanbul is also coming to light. Those who are curious and want to visit and see the restoration areas are open to visitors. Sharing the whole process transparently with Istanbulites, İBB Heritage aims to increase the interest and sensitivity of cultural heritage in the society. It aims to bring together the people of Istanbul with the history of the city where they live, by transforming the completed historical areas into cultural and art centers. IMM Heritage, which carries out its works intensively in many parts of the city, will transform the 1610-year-old Bukoleon Palace into a new open-air museum for Istanbul in this direction.


Oktay Özel, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of IMM, said that they have transformed the world heritage sites, whose restoration works have been completed, into cultural and art spaces that the citizens can experience, and said, "Bukoleon Palace will be a new open-air museum in Istanbul after the works are completed." Stating that the works are carried out with the least interference to the historical structure, Özel said that they aim to create a sense of protection against historical structures in the society by sharing the restoration process with the visitors. IMM Cultural Heritage Projects Manager Merve Gedik stated that as a result of the works carried out in the excavation area, the oldest fountain of Istanbul came to light.


Bukoleon Palace, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is located in the 1st Degree Archaeological Site. Most of the surviving parts of the 5-year-old Palace, which is thought to have been built together with the dock in front of it in the 1610th century, were added during the time of Theophilos (829-842). Among them are the Pharos tower, the Emperor's Pier and the cistern sections.

The Bukoleon Palace, which was used by the Kings during the Latin occupation, was moved to the Tekfur Palace after the occupation and left idle. The palace, which was affected by many negative factors in the region that turned into a settlement during the Ottoman period, was almost in danger of extinction.

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