IMM to Rebuild the School Damaged in the Elazig Earthquake

Ibb will rebuild the school damaged in the Elazig earthquake
Ibb will rebuild the school damaged in the Elazig earthquake

A protocol was signed between IMM and Elazig Provincial Directorate of National Education for the reconstruction of Gazi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, gym and workshop buildings, which were heavily damaged in the earthquake that occurred on January 24, 2020. CHP Elazig deputy Gürsel Erol shared the information that the request for a school to be built by CHP municipalities was received by AK Party Elazig deputy Metin Bulut. Stating that they did not remain indifferent to the demand received through Erol, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu“Changing life takes good education. We all know that an education structure that carries the national values ​​and moral values ​​of every citizen of our country at the highest level is the greatest future guarantee for this country. The protocol was signed between Elazığ Provincial Director of National Education Feyzi Gürtürk and İBB Deputy Secretary General Gürkan Alpay, under the witness of İmamoğlu.

After the earthquake that occurred in Elazig on January 24, 2020, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) applied to the provincial governor's office and requested that a school be built in the region. The Elazig Governor's Office, which welcomed the request, replied to the IMM that the Gazi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, gym and workshop buildings, which were damaged in the earthquake, could be redesigned and built. The IMM Assembly, at its session on September 16, 2021, approved the institution to build a school in Elazig. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and his wife Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu came to Elazığ to attend the “Construction protocol signing ceremony of the Gazi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School building with 24 classrooms, workshop buildings, gymnasium and outbuildings”. Making the first speeches at the protocol signing ceremony, İBB Deputy Secretary Generals Gürkan Alpay and Mahir Polat shared technical information about the project.


Elazığ Provincial Director of National Education Feyzi Gürtürk also shared the information that there were serious problems in schools in Elazığ after the earthquake. Gürtürk said, “With the contributions and support of the state and philanthropists, a total of 72 projects have been implemented as of today” and added, “We will have realized our 73rd project together with our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. I hope this place will be built in accordance with the spirit of its glorious times. I would like to thank our President and his team for this. May my Lord grant me health, wellness and well-being to study here," he said.


CHP Elazig deputy Gürsel Erol, on the other hand, reminded that İmamoğlu came to the city after the earthquake and told the story of the beginning of the school's construction process with the following words:

“On the night of January 24, about a year after the earthquake, 30 of our MP friends came to Elazig to find out about the demands, expectations and problems of the earthquake victims. There were deputies from each party. Our Elazig AK Party deputy, Metin Bulut, made a proposal for a school to be built by CHP municipalities. And we, feeling the embarrassment of not being able to think about this until today, said immediately; 'This is a very valid thought. Dear Ekrem İmamoğluI expressed this suggestion, this request, this support to him by calling . Without even commenting, 'Write the article. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is next to Elazig," he said. Thus, this project process and the school process began.”


Making the final speech of the signing ceremony, İmamoğlu said, “We were very warmly welcomed by our esteemed deputy calling us and suggesting such a task to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the first institution of Istanbul. We have sent our letter to the governor's office. The Ministry of National Education, the governor's office evaluated this. With the approval of both the ministry and the governor's office, a letter was sent to us. We also carried this letter to our Parliament. With the unanimous decision of the members of all political parties in the IMM Assembly, we, as Istanbul, decided to stand by the initiatives here in order to share this bad moment of Elazig together and to support our citizens and fellow citizens from Elazig here.”


School; Emphasizing that they will transfer them to the Ministry of National Education on a turnkey basis in a very qualified, identity-worthy manner that suits Elazig, İmamoğlu said, “When I talk about education, I get excited. Because the concept that will guarantee the future of our country is education. A good education makes our future strong. If we describe it in accordance with the age; With the education starting from the kindergarten, we will ensure that a highly qualified generation has internalized all their emotions and has a valid mind, education and structure, so to speak, all over the world.” Stating that basic education starts with kindergartens, İmamoğlu underlined that they will make the promise of “2022 kindergartens” for Istanbul real in 150. Saying, "Changing life is through good education," İmamoğlu said, "In this respect, we are also obliged to offer serious support to this side. We all know that an education structure that carries the national values ​​and moral values ​​of every citizen of our country at the highest level is the greatest future guarantee for this country.


Expressing his thanks to all the people, institutions and organizations who contributed to the project, İmamoğlu stated that he put an "annotation" on the 24-month period determined as the construction process. Saying, “School doesn't wait for 24 months like that,” İmamoğlu said, “The young population of the country needs a rigorous education campaign. So let's speed up the project. I know very well how meticulous engineers are. I know you are capable. They will also accelerate. This is a public operation. There is an urgent need. Processes are run accordingly. After that, you check once a month to see if the production is going well or not, and we come to Elazig. Will it be obvious? I think that both the esteemed administrators of the National Education, our esteemed deputies and our fellow travelers here will carry out the necessary inspection. Together with my dear wife Dilek, I am experiencing the pleasure, pride and honor of being together with you and being instrumental in such a beautiful process. good luck. God bless you again. I would like to thank all the people of Elazig in advance," he said.


After the speeches, Elazığ Provincial Director of National Education Gürtürk and İBB Deputy Secretary General Alpay, witnessed by İmamoğlu; A protocol was signed for the reconstruction of the school building, gymnasium and workshops. In accordance with the protocol; Implementation projects will be prepared until January 2022. After the Ministry of National Education gives the project approval, the construction tender will be made and the site will be delivered 3 months later. After the destruction of the school building and related structures, the Elazig Governorship will transfer the area where the construction will be done to IMM. IMM will complete the construction within 24 months and the school will be handed over to the Elazig Governorship and Elazig Provincial Directorate of National Education to be put into service. In the school campus, which will have a total closed area of ​​17 thousand 071 square meters; administrative offices, 24 classrooms, a total of 6 workshops and laboratories under 30 different disciplines, a conference hall for 200 people, a cafeteria and canteen, and an indoor sports hall of 1250 square meters. As the building facade material of the school, “colored pressed brick cladding” will be used in order to integrate with the general color feeling of Elazig. Local materials will be used mainly throughout the building.

Martyr's Grave

Imamoglu's visit to Elazig started with a welcome at the Elazig Sports Facilities Junction. Wearing the local cap, which was given as a gift by the citizens, İmamoğlu made a short speech to the enthusiastic crowd that greeted him. Imamoglu entered Elazig with a long convoy of vehicles with the inscription "Welcome to Ekrem Gakgo (brother)". During his visit to Elazığ, İmamoğlu was accompanied by CHP Elazığ MP Gürsel Erol and İstanbul MP ​​Turan Aydoğan and his wife Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu. Imamoglu, who came to Harput, the historical point of the city, first visited the Harput Neighborhood Headman. Imamoglu, who performed the Friday prayer at the Harput Sara Hatun Mosque, met with intense interest from the citizens. Special operations policeman, who was martyred in the missile attack on an armored vehicle by the terrorist organization in the "Euphrates Shield Operation Zone" in Syria, visited the grave of Cihat Şahin in the "July 15 Police Martyrdom". Expressing his condolences to Şahin's family at the graveside, İmamoğlu left carnations in the grave of the martyred policeman and prayed. In the evening, İmamoğlu paid a condolence visit to the family of the martyr Şahin's family and shared their pain.

SPEAK AT ELAZIĞ DEMEVİ: “Your sincerity and love make me smile”

After the martyrdom, İmamoğlu also paid a visit to the Elazığ Djemevi. İmamoğlu, who was greeted with chants of "Ekrem President" and "Everything will be fine" at the Cemevi, stood on the chair and addressed the citizens. “Sometimes they ask, they say; 'Why are you always smiling?' 'By God,' I say, 'I have so many reasons to smile.' One of these reasons is the sincerity, sincerity, love, hugs and prayers that you precious souls show me. That's why I always smile," said Imamoglu, emphasizing that as IMM, they have responsibilities to contribute to all cities of the country. Saying, “We know that we are going through difficult times today,” İmamoğlu said, “We know, but know that we are walking towards very good days together. We have people who are working hard to make our country walk towards better days. There are also people at the head of different political parties that walk the path by thinking above politics and without ever thinking about political office. Therefore, what we will do from now on is to ensure that our country attains happiness, peace and prosperity. We are fighting for it together. In this context, as the Republican People's Party, especially our esteemed Chairman, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, no matter what position we are in, we all fight together, day and night, 7/24, for this country to overcome these difficult days and to have good days. we will give. Another phase of attaining these beauties is you. We expect very serious contributions from you and we wish you to be our comrade in this struggle.”


Stating that they won in Istanbul with the spirit of "Istanbul alliance", İmamoğlu ended his speech with the following words:

“You will see a management approach that embraces, reconciles, unites, brings together in peace, that is, just as we are neighbors, just as we live in the same street, in the same city, by saying 'stop' to the mind that separates us and uniting us, making our 84 million people feel that they are citizens. Turkey will win together in the next election. This is a struggle. Away from personal thoughts and egos, this is a time to work like a soldier on the way we say. We do our duty with these feelings. God is witness that; On behalf of all our citizens who love and feel me, I wish the following: I want to be the Mayor and your companion in Istanbul who never let your face down, always make you happy, and always do things that you will be proud of. Never mind those who try to block us. By doing some wrong things, they think that they will put us in trouble. They never sting. There are 16 million Istanbulites behind us. There are a handful of people behind those who do wrong things or become a tool for those who do. There are places like foundations where a handful of people are in. We have the people behind us, folks. I am very happy for him. I am smiling for him. I look at the people to whom we will be held accountable. I am very hopeful for him. That's why I say it everywhere I go, just as we said it in Istanbul: Everything will be great in our country.”

İmamoğlu made visits to the tradesmen on Gazi Street, one of the central points of the city, under the intense interest of the citizens.

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