Great Interest from Minister Varank to Domestic Railway Wheel

great interest in the domestic railway wheel from minister varank
Photo: Karabukgundem

KARDEMİR AŞ, which continues its work with determination and effort despite the pandemic conditions, either postponed or canceled all fairs last year and did not participate.

In a period when the steel market is so active, KARDEMİR AŞ continues to carry on its sales and marketing activities even though it is deprived of all promotional opportunities.

KARDEMİR, which opened a stand at METAL EXPO Fair, gave information by making a written statement; In the statement made; “One of our fairs that was postponed due to the pandemic was the Metal Expo fair. After a long hiatus, we completed the first foreign event we took the stage. Our sales, marketing and export teams held intensive customer meetings at the event held at the Istanbul Expo Center.

On the second day of the fair, our Minister of Industry and Technology, Mr. Mustafa Varank, visited our stand and followed the developments about our company. Varank, who conveyed his questions about our railway wheel production in particular, received information about the certification and production process.

In the fair, where we hosted many of our stakeholders from the iron and steel industry between 29-30 September / 1-2 October, we provided the opportunity to meet with many companies in the field of export, as well as new sales and marketing connections. We would like to thank our other Minister of Industry and Technology, Mr. Mustafa Varank, and all industry participants who visited our stand.” it said. (Karabukgundem)

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