Gram Gold Prices Exceeded 530 Lira! So How Much Are the Buying and Selling Prices of Gold?

grams of gold prices exceeded lira
grams of gold prices exceeded lira

Gold prices started Friday, October 15th with an increase, especially with the effect of the upward movement in the dollar-TL exchange rate. Especially with the dollar TL exchange rate exceeding 9.20, gram gold prices exceeded the 530 TL limit. The buying and selling prices of gold came to the fore. Today, those who want to be informed about gold prices started searching for what would happen to gold prices. We have gathered the last minute gold prices in our news. How much are gram, quarter, half, full gold prices today? So, how much are quarter and gram gold prices? Here is the current chart of instant gold prices…


Gram Gold

Buying price 530,02 TL, selling price 530,12 TL

Quarter gold

Buying price 845,57 TL, selling price 864,84 TL

Cumhuriyet Altını

Buying price 3.506,00 TL, selling price 3.559,00 TL

Full Gold

Buying price 3.487,97 TL, selling price 3.575,72 TL

Half Gold

Buying price 1.685,85 TL, selling price 1.729,68 TL

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