Golden Tips for a Healthy Menopause

golden recommendations for healthy menopause
golden recommendations for healthy menopause

It is possible to spend menopause, which is one of the important turning points in women's lives, in a healthy and comfortable way, and even turn it into a second spring. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Wonderful Bodur Öztürk says that some physical and mental problems that may arise in this process can be overcome more comfortably with some adjustments to the lifestyle, especially regular exercise. On the other hand, he pointed out that chronic health problems such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis may occur with menopause. Wonderful Bodur Öztürk explained what needs to be considered in order to be able to spend the menopause process comfortably before the 18 October World Menopause Day, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Menopause, which means 'the cessation of women's menstruation and the end of fertility' in the medical language, can be sudden as well as cover a period of 5 to 8 years. Stating that women in our country enter menopause at the age of 48 on average, Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Marvelous Bodur Öztürk said, “During the transformation in women during menopause, there may be changes due to the lack of estrogen hormone such as hot flashes, palpitations, mood changes, anxiety, sleep problems, memory problems, vaginal dryness and decreased libido. Fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, night sweats may also occur. Unfortunately, this transformation can negatively affect the quality of life of many women during the transition period. In addition, chronic health problems such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis may occur with menopause.

Watch out for the first signals!

Before menopause, some signals indicate that the process is about to begin. Stating that the period from the first symptoms to menopause is called 'premenopause', that is, 'pre-menopausal period', Dr. Marvelous Bodur Öztürk says: “One of the first indicators in the premenopause process is menstrual bleeding irregularity. These can be in the form of frequent bleeding or bleeding at long intervals. Sometimes, active bleeding that lasts longer than 7-8 days may also occur after delays. Irregular bleeding with the effect of unopposed estrogen hormone may also be a risk factor for uterine cancer in women in the long term. For this reason, in cases of prolonged bleeding, it would be correct to see your doctor without waiting for the bleeding to end.

What does scientific research point to?

Stating that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be done with synthetic estrogen and progesterone, however, an increase in breast cancer has been reported with HRT in the "Million Women Study", so alternative treatment options are being investigated. Marvelous Bodur Öztürk “Scientific researches show that physical activity and exercise play a critical role in this period. Stress decreases in the short term with exercise; your muscle, joint and bone health will increase, a better sleep will be provided. As a long-term effect, your risk of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes risk, stroke risk, obesity and osteoporosis decreases, and cognitive functions increase. Significant reduction in metabolic syndrome risk factors when aerobic exercise was performed for 12 hour, 3 days a week for 1 weeks; Significant improvement in fasting blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels is noted. There is an improvement in blood pressure. Studies have shown that hot flashes can be reduced by 50 percent in those who exercise regularly. says.

Consultation is a must!

While hot flashes and night sweats affect 80 percent of women in this period, Dr. Stating that these complaints can continue for 5 to 7 years. Marvelous Bodur Öztürk says that research shows that patients often use alternative treatments other than HRT without consulting their doctor. Stating that without the knowledge of the physician, vitamin and mineral supplements can be obtained from the internet or with the advice of friends, Dr. Marvelous Bodur Öztürk says that supplementary products used without the knowledge of the physician can cause harm rather than benefit to health, so a physician must be consulted.

Pay attention to these suggestions!

Stating that weight gain during menopause increases hot flashes, but this problem can be reduced by 10 percent weight loss, Dr. Wonderful Bodur Ozturk; emphasizes the importance of reaching the ideal weight. Emphasizing that it is recommended to reduce the room temperature at night, not to consume hot and spicy foods during this period, and to reduce alcohol consumption, Dr. Great Bodur Öztürk “It is recommended to pay attention to calcium intake with menopause. The daily calcium requirement is 1200 mg. However, if you have kidney stones or kidney disease, it is necessary to pay attention to calcium consumption. says.

Practice Kegel exercises

Stating that scientific studies have shown that 50 percent of women in the menopause period may experience problems such as painful intercourse, burning, painful urination and sudden urination due to decreased hormones, and that they refrain or even avoid sexual intercourse for these and similar reasons. Wonderful Bodur Öztürk says: “With menopause, what we call atrophy in the reproductive organ occurs. During sexual intercourse, women may experience pain due to decreased vaginal elasticity. Due to pain, interest in sexual life may also decrease. Although hormone replacement therapy does not increase libido, it can support women by increasing vaginal lubrication. Local vaginal estrogen treatments are also among the options. As the connective tissue support decreases with advancing age, the problem of sagging in the pelvic organs may also occur. Kegel exercise, which works the pelvic muscles, can provide support in this regard. These problems can be solved with systemic and local treatments.”

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