Fast Growing Player of Cargo Industry to Announce 2022 Targets

GKN Cargo
GKN Cargo

GKN Cargo, a fast-growing player in the cargo sector, has started the transition to digitalization in the cargo sector. GKN Cargo, which aims to prevent the negativities experienced by the customers with its live tracking system, takes digitalization one step further than the applied one. Gökhan Akyürek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GKN Cargo, who will announce the digitalization process with the management meeting and training event to be held on Sunday, October 10, said, “We started the digitalization process to prevent human error. With our latest investment, we will be able to monitor all variables from a single system, from the receipt of the cargo to its tracking, road and weather conditions. At our meeting to be held on Sunday, our employees will receive digitalization training. We will discuss our daily 2022 million distribution target for 1.”

The cargo industry, which became more important during the global epidemic period, is transitioning to the digitalization process. Problems experienced in the logistics of products can disrupt the entire supply chain, the logistics of products are not only between individuals, but also between the vital retail sector and manufacturers.

Gökhan Akyürek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GKN Cargo, a fast-growing player in the cargo sector, said that the importance of digitalization in the cargo sector, “Planning and time management do not accept human error. For this reason, we are accelerating our digitalization investments”.


Emphasizing that the solution to overcome the negativities in the cargo sector is digitalization, Gökhan Akyürek said, “Managing cargo shipments requires correct planning by taking into account many variables. Human error is not only caused by doing something wrong, it is also human error to ignore, underestimate, or ignore a variable. The condition of the vehicle that will be on the road, will there be precipitation on the route? Does the driver on the road dominate the route? Are there any maintenance and repair works on the roads and cities to be passed? Many variables should be taken into consideration, decisions should be made accordingly, and the customer should be informed correctly. We are holding a training meeting to explain our new software, which will manage all these variables from a single system, to our employees. With our digitalization trainings, we will use our new software efficiently and prevent human-induced errors.”


Stating that they will announce their 10 targets at the management meeting and training event to be held at the Swiss Hotel on Sunday, October 2022, Akyürek said, “We aim to increase our daily cargo shipments from 2022 thousand to 350 million in 1. In order to achieve this goal, we will establish 18 new transfer centers across Turkey and commission 300 agencies.”


Emphasizing that it is difficult but not unattainable to reach the target of sending 1 million cargo per day, Gökhan Akyürek said, “We studied the industry that shifted from retail to internet shopping during the pandemic and took quick action. We achieved our 2021 percent growth target in the first half of 150, when the effects of the pandemic began to wane. We have no doubt that we will achieve our 2022 goals. We will continue to carry the Turkish economy to keep it alive," he concluded.

Günceleme: 06/10/2021 13:27

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