ESTRAM and Railway-İş Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed

ESTRAM and Railway Business Collective Labor Agreement Signed
ESTRAM and Railway Business Collective Labor Agreement Signed

A collective bargaining agreement was signed between ESTRAM Light Rail Systems Transportation Industry and Trade Inc. and the Railway-İş Union. At the signing ceremony held in the Metropolitan Municipality, the parties wished the contract to be beneficial to all employees.

İbrahim Arslan, ESTRAM General Manager Hakan Murat Bayındır, ESTRAM Company Lawyer Barış Sütken, Demiryol-İş Union Eskişehir Branch President Ramazan Uysal, 2nd President and Branch Secretary Mehmet Kurt, at the signing ceremony held between ESTRAM and Railway-İş Union, represented Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. Secretary Devrim Şanlı and worker representatives attended.

With the 2-year collective bargaining agreement, the personnel working within ESTRAM was given a raise of 400 TL for the first six months, 9% for the second and third six months, and 8% for the fourth six-month period. The parties also agreed on the increase in other social rights of workers.

Expressing that they signed a contract that will make everyone happy by using all their powers within the limits of the law and within the budget possibilities, the officials of the Metropolitan Municipality wished that the signed contract would be beneficial to all personnel.

Günceleme: 09/10/2021 13:36

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