Program of Accessible Film Festival Announced

The program of the barrier-free films festival has been announced
The program of the barrier-free films festival has been announced

The Accessible Film Festival, which will be held online and physically for the ninth time this year by Puruli Culture and Arts between 11-17 October 2021, is getting ready to bring together the cinema lovers with its 38-film program consisting of the most popular feature and short films of the last period. This year's program of the Festival includes National Feature Film Competition, Short Film Competition, Absurd, Auditorium, Kaleidoscope and For Children selections.


The Festival, which will bring together the films that have come to the fore, acclaimed and won awards in the recent period of Turkish and world cinema, to all cinema lovers in Ankara and Turkey, will present all the films as they are every year, with audio descriptions for those who cannot see them, and detailed subtitles for those who cannot hear them. The festival's hall screenings will be held in Ankara between 11-13 October, at Doğan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts Center, and online screenings will be held at between 17-2021 October. Festival films can be watched free of charge in the hall and on the online platform on the days and times announced on the website. In addition to film screenings, interviews with directors will also be accessible at the Accessible Film Festival.


Accessible Film Festival will welcome moviegoers with many innovations in its ninth year. In addition to the classic selections familiar to the audience, the Festival's biggest innovation will be the International Short Film Competition. The section where the best examples of domestic cinema have met as the Barrier-Free Competition since the first year of the Festival will be held as the National Feature Film Competition this year. Festival; The Auditorium will also bring different genres of movies to the audience with its new selections called Kaleidoscope and Absurd.

This year's program of the Accessible Film Festival, where a total of 38 films will be screened, includes National Feature Film Competition, Short Film Competition, For Children, Auditorium, Kaleidoscope and Absurd selections.


This year, the Festival will organize a Short Film Competition in order to contribute to the development of the short film genre, to lead the production in this field to increase in the coming years, and to support short film directors. This year, 20 short films from 66 different countries applied for the Short Film Competition, and 8 short films from 13 countries will take place. Egor Gavrilin's Knitting Club For Men Over 40, Aslak Danbolt' un Anne (Mamma), Deniz Telek's Anoush (Anoush), Victoria Warmerdam's Mustache (Mustachio), Zeynep Dilan Süren's Great Istanbul Depression (The Great Istanbul Depression), Radik Kudoyarov's Gift (The Gift), Vladimir Koptsev's My Sister's Mercy, Yasemin Demirci's Climate Change, Marco Arruda's Magnética, Farnoosh Abedi's Malakout, Kayahan Kaya's Police After Me (The Police After Me), Sami Morhayim' in Susam, and Hüseyin Aydın Gürsoy's films Turning to Dust.

Films in the Festival program will compete for the Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay awards. Festival audiences will determine the winner of the Audience Special Award with their votes.

Editor, researcher and independent festival programmer Azza Chaabouni, International Short Film Week Regensburg Director Insa Wiese, and Short Film Directors Association Founding President Sidar Serdar Karakaş are in the Selection Committee of the Short Film Competition this year.


This year, in the National Feature Film Competition, where productions that won awards in many prestigious national and international festivals, took place; Barış Sarhan's first feature, Cemil Show, which made its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival and tells the tragicomic story of a shopping mall security officer who wants to be an actor, returned with awards from many festivals attended by Faysal Soysal and with his unique perspective on post-coup traumas and femicide. Presenting different political, moral and philosophical perspectives, Walnut Tree, Azra Deniz Okyay's film Ghosts, which tells the intersecting stories of four different characters on a day when the electricity was cut across the country, and was awarded the "Grand Prize" in the Critics' Week section of the 77th Venice Film Festival, Kumbara and Cihan Sağlam, Ferit Karol's film Kumbara and Cihan Sağlam, which focuses on the relationship between Orhan, who is a modest family man, with his family during difficult times and won the "Behlül Dal Best Debut Film" award at the 57th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Focusing on the story of Ahmet, who thinks that his wife, Sevgi, with whom he has problems in his relationships, is cheating on him. Long Time Ago films, which won the “Best First Film” award at the International Ankara Film Festival, are featured.

Director Banu Sıvacı, screenwriter and producer Emine Yıldırım and director İnan Temelkuran are in this year's Selection Committee of the National Feature Film Competition.

The Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay awards to be determined by the Selection Committee, and the Audience Special Award to be determined by the audience, will be broadcast online on Sunday, October 17th, and will find their owners at the Award Ceremony, which can be followed from all over Turkey.


In the "Auditorium" selection, which will bring together the stories that center music or sound in different geographies of the world, by listening to films that focus on the transformative power of music and sound; Enrique Sánchez Lansch's A Symphony of Noise and Beth B's Lydia Lunch: The War is Never Over will be screened.


In the “Kaleidoscope” selection, which promises an alternative cinema experience that questions the dominant point of view and offers different perspectives; Rémi Chayé's Calamity: Martha Jane Cannary's Childhood (Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary) and Alastair Lee's Climbing Blind will meet with the audience.


In the “For Children” selection, which aims to introduce future cinephile candidates to the magical world of cinema, and to help little audiences gain the habit of watching movies and a cinema culture; Christoph Sarow's Blieschow, Leaf Moralı and Are Austnes' The Tomten and the Fox, Henning Backhaus's The Best Orchestra in the World, Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoé Devise's Migrants, Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk's Ink (Ink – Inkt), Gerd Gockell and Jesús Pérez's Black and White, Marjolaine Perreten's Last Day of Autumn (The Last Day of Autumn), Vera van Wolferen's Tourist Trap and Aliona Baranova's Leaf (Lístek).


In the “Absurd” selection, which will bring the audience together with unexpected, meaningless events that take them out of the routines and things that have never been thought of together before; A Man and A Camera by Guido Hendrikx.

In addition, the Festival will offer the opportunity to watch the most popular absurd shorts with a 6-film program carefully prepared by the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival under the same title. In the selection covering the productions selected by the festival's program coordinator Jean-Bernard Emery between 2002-2020; Evan Morgan's A Pretty Funny Story, Michael Mohan's This is How You Die, Alexandre Poulichot's Bonne Mort, Hans Petter Moland's Shoulder to Shoulder (United) We Stand), Céline Devaux's Sunday Lunch, and Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata's Negative Space.


The US Embassy, ​​Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and Sabancı Foundation are among the supporters of the Accessible Film Festival organized by Puruli Culture and Arts. The Festival is taking place with the support of the Dutch Embassy, ​​Goethe-Institut Ankara, Austrian Cultural Office, Swiss Embassy and Institut Français Turkey's valuable collaborations and the support of Çankaya Municipality, which provides an accessible Festival venue.

The service sponsors of the Festival are the Voice Description Association and Yay Production.

Accessible Film Festival, media sponsors; BirGün Newspaper, Cumhuriyet Newspaper, Altyazı Magazine,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, and Sacred Motor.

The Accessible Film Festival, organized by Puruli Culture and Arts, offers all its screenings free of charge to the audience this year, as every year.

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