Infection Can Cause Asthma Onset

infection can lead to the onset of asthma
infection can lead to the onset of asthma

Reminding that one out of every 10 children in Turkey has asthma, Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban drew attention to the fact that asthma is a chronic disease and infections cause the onset and exacerbation of asthma.

Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Specialist Prof. said that 80 percent of pediatric patients with asthma give their first asthma symptom before the age of six. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban gave important information about asthma and precautions to be taken.


Stating that asthma in children manifests itself with coughing in the morning, Prof. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban said, “Asthma is a chronic, recurrent airway disease characterized by difficulty in breathing, hearing sounds such as wheezing, wheezing, whistling in the chest, and bruising on the lips and body in severe cases. This disease occurs as a result of forcing the inhaled air to be expelled.

Stating that asthma can occur due to many reasons, Prof. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban gave the following information on the subject: “Allergy, which is the most common cause of the disease, triggers asthma at a rate of 40 percent. Food allergies can cause asthma attacks, especially in young children. In adults, pollen, house dust, mold fungi, respiratory allergies trigger attacks. In addition, environmental factors such as air pollution, detergents, cigarettes and exhaust fumes are also an important cause of asthma attacks, while paint, perfume and detergent odors cause shortness of breath.


Stating that genetic predisposition is an important factor for asthma, Prof. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban continued her words as follows: “This effect is especially evident in allergies. The presence of allergy creates a 40 percent risk of asthma in the child, while this rate rises to 70 percent if the child's parents have any allergic disease.

Pointing out that there is an increase in the incidence of asthma, as in all allergies, Prof. Dr. Sarıçoban said, “Today, the incidence of asthma in our country is about 10 percent. However, this frequency increases as the industrial level develops. We see higher rates of asthma, especially in big cities.”


Stating that viral infections cause both the onset and continuation of asthma, Prof. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban said, “Asthma attacks often get better if they are treated well. However, if the disease cannot be controlled, it can cause permanent changes. We also treat attacks first. Then we continue with preventive drugs. In addition, we advise families to eliminate the causes that cause the child to have asthma. At this point, I would like to underline that antibiotics have no place in the treatment of asthma attacks.”


Pointing out that asthma is a lifelong chronic disease and children can continue their lives by keeping the disease under control, Prof. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban made the following suggestions to families:

“Asthma under control does not prevent the child from going to school, doing sports, that is, spending his daily life like other children. The important thing here is to take the necessary precautions. In addition, asthma patients should be careful because they are prone to infection. For this, children should be ensured to wash their hands frequently. Vaccines should not be neglected. At this point, the question on the minds of families is the drugs used in the treatment of asthma. The drugs we use do not have any side effects on the lungs. However, it does not prevent children from growing. However, it should not be forgotten that if asthma is not treated, it can be more harmful for children.”

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