Does Pacifier Affect Baby's Teeth Development?

Does the Pacifier Affect the Baby's External Development?
Does the Pacifier Affect the Baby's External Development?

Pacifier use and thumb sucking are common habits. Could your baby's favorite pacifier cause dental problems in the future? Dentist Pertev Kökdemir told you what you need to know about this innocent-perhaps not-so-innocent habit.

All babies tend to suck a natural thumb, and it is a common sight for unborn babies to suck their thumbs in the womb on ultrasound.

Pacifiers seem to help keep babies happy and quiet. However, there is a possibility that pacifier use, especially after the age of two, may adversely affect your baby's teeth development. Sucking on a pacifier or thumb for too long can cause overbiting, misaligned teeth, and other problems.

Malocclusion refers to the alignment of a baby's teeth as they grow. This problem can occur when the toddler is still sucking his thumb and using a pacifier regularly in preschool. This situation also causes anterior open closure. With the jaw closed, there is obvious space between the lower and upper teeth, and the posterior molars touch but the anterior incisors do not. This may affect your child's smile and cause speech disorders.

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