Innovations for Taxi Drivers Ekrem İmamoğlu Announced: There Is No 'I'm Not Going That Side' To The Passenger

ibbden new taxi system announcement
ibbden new taxi system announcement

In the new taxi system of IMM, both the personal rights of the drivers will be improved and the passenger will be given the right to evaluate by scoring. The new system to be implemented, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu announced on social media. Here are the highlights for taxi drivers: The average monthly net will be 6.622 TL, including their salaries, social benefits and all premiums. IMM will pay premiums twice a year according to the performances. Shuttle service will be provided on the way to and from work. Clothing will change. Working hours will be limited to 45 hours per week. Their families will also benefit from SSI.

In the road map created by IMM to solve the taxi problem in Istanbul, it is time to improve the personal rights of taxi drivers. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIn the new system, announced by .

The details of the good news for taxi drivers are as follows:

The average monthly income of the drivers, including salaries, social benefits and all premiums, will be net 6.622 TL. Taxi drivers will be paid premiums twice a year based on their performance. While transitioning to a uniform clothing period, clothing will be provided by IMM twice a year. Meal fees will also be paid for a daily meal.


The working hours of taxi drivers who are tired of long working hours will be limited to 45 hours a week from now on. As their working conditions improve, their performance will also be evaluated. Taxi drivers who will receive customer-oriented training from IMM will also take lessons during working hours. Drivers who are in training will not lose their rights. Therefore, the taxi driver will be able to take a vacation one day a week. Going to and from work will be provided by shuttles, and living conditions will be improved.

At the same time, it will be ensured that the annual leave specified in the labor law is used. During their employment, SGK premiums will be paid regularly. The families of the drivers will also be able to benefit from the SGK system.


IMM, which has been working to prevent the increasing passenger complaints recently, will bring the right to score for the passengers. The behavior of taxi drivers will be monitored and evaluated electronically. The quality of the travel service will be provided with points on the tablets located behind the seats. Thus, it is planned that the route and passenger selection period of taxi drivers will come to an end. At the end of the month, high scores will be reflected in the driver's salary as a premium.


For a healthier and safer environment inside the taxi, a 'separator' will be used between the passenger and the driver. Monitoring cameras, which are also inside the car, will be placed behind the front seats and in the center rear view mirror. Panic buttons, which can be easily reached by both the driver and the passenger, will also be located in the taxis. Aiming to change the cash turnover in payments, IMM will implement the IstanbulKart and credit card system. While it is planned to establish a call system for 7/24 uninterrupted communication in the new system, it will be easier to find lost items. In fleet management, a fingerprint system will be created to track the routes, drivers and hours of use of the vehicles.

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