EGO Cepte Application is Renewed

ego mobile application is renewed
ego mobile application is renewed

Passenger complaints about the EGO CEP'TE application used in public transportation are increasing. Stating that the application will be renewed, EGO General Directorate made a statement, "The works are planned to be completed in December."

The statement made by the General Directorate of EGO is as follows; “The EGO CEP'TE application is to provide instant information about the bus, Ankaray and Metro lines, which are the services of the EGO General Directorate of our organization, to the people of Ankara and our guests visiting Ankara, to easily provide bus line, stop, departure time, road and route information by using the smart devices of our citizens. It is a mobile application that has been implemented in order to enable people to learn and to minimize the time people spend at the stops.

Complaints of our citizens have increased recently regarding the application, which works integrated with the vehicle tracking system. In order to eliminate the grievances of citizens and to make the application work more efficiently, the work carried out by our General Directorate for a long time has come to an end and it is planned to be completed in December 2021.

In order to eliminate the existing problems of the application, which was integrated with the "Contract for Electronic Fare Collection, In-Vehicle Passenger Information, Camera and Smart Station System", which our organization signed with E-Kent Transit Systems and Ticketing Technologies Inc. on 20.02.2013. Negotiations with the relevant company have been completed.

On the other hand, work has been started for the renewal of the interface of the EGO CEP'TE application and a design that is easier to use.”

Günceleme: 15/10/2021 11:58

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