EGİADEmphasis on Republic, Secularism and Democracy

republic, secularism and democracy emphasis from egiad
republic, secularism and democracy emphasis from egiad

Aegean Young Businessmen Association, 29 October Republic Day EGİAD He celebrated with a magnificent reception at the Social Cultural Activities Center. Always prioritizing culture and art EGİADhosted Journalist – Writer – Piano Artist Nihat Demirkol at the Republic Reception. At the reception titled “The Ephesian Magic of Allaturca: Zeybeks”, sohbet Improvisations and unforgettable works accompanied by piano and piano met with the guests at ESKEM – Old Portugal Synagogue.

Progress on the Path of the Republic is Our Debt

In the night where Turkish music works turned into immortal tunes with the notes of the piano, the opening speech was made. EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Aegean Young Businessmen Association, stated that the Republic is the most important beginning in which both societies and individuals become independent and liberated, and said, “We are in İzmir, which was liberated from the enemy at the end of the War of Independence. We are in one of the historical places of this city that survived after the great fire. We have our own language; We all grew up through our national education system. We are proud and upright people who can write their own history with the scientists they have trained for generations and do not need foreign resources for this. We have exporters among us who produce their own technologies and present their products to the whole world; we have “Made in Turkey” initiatives around the world. And together, we are a people who have sworn to protect this existence forever. For me, the Republic is the starting point of all this. It is a ladder, one step of which I try to climb every day, the end of which is invisible, reaching to the sky. But we must not stop; It is our duty to continue climbing, to give a hand to those who hesitate, to move forward together.”

The Great Leader Believed in Pluralism and Democracy

Yelkenbiçer stated that after the victory of the War of Independence, a society that had struggled with the destruction of the empire for years and was tired of the struggle for independence stood up with the Republic and the principles it adheres to, adding: "Our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal chose the path of enlightenment, believing in pluralism and democracy, rather than adopting the one-man government style, and while doing these, he was responsible for the development of the group around him. He believed in the principles of social development and chose the path of diploma and peace rather than fighting in his foreign relations. The biggest reason why we stand tall today in its 98th year is the founding will and principles of our Republic. The cement of these principles and principles is the principle of secularism.”

Pointing out that democracy will be disrupted if the principle of secularism is not internalized and its spread is prevented by using the sensitivities of the society, Yelkenbiçer said, “This situation will create a future where social equality can never be achieved, pluralism is perceived as a threat rather than as wealth, and women are not empowered in society. Unfortunately, it is impossible to establish a modern society and democratize our democracy in places where this awareness is not present. As we move towards the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we, as young business people, will continue to support the values ​​of the Republic with our culture of living together, the economy, value-added production, education, science and art, and our activity in civil society.

Yelkenbiçer ended his speech with a quote from Atatürk's 10th Anniversary Speech: “But we can never see enough of what we have done. Because we have to do more and bigger things and we are determined. We will raise our country to the level of the most prosperous and civilized countries in the world. We will make our nation have the most extensive means and resources of welfare. We will raise our national culture above the contemporary level of civilization.' The goal of 'raising above the level of contemporary civilization' given to us by our ancestor is still current and valid for all of us. It is the common goal of the entire Turkish Nation. It will continue to guide us proudly in every work we do under the roof of our association.”

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