EGİAD Foreign Trade Envoys Headed to Montenegro

egiad foreign trade envoys headed to karadaga
egiad foreign trade envoys headed to karadaga

60% of its members have partnerships, foreign trade and similar cooperations with abroad, and its portfolio includes a wide sector network from textile to food, machinery to construction and automotive, electrical-electronics to iron-steel. EGİAD, with the Foreign Trade Ambassadors Program, is working hard to close the export deficit. Those who want to accelerate the process of opening up abroad of young business people, reduce the costs in this process and eliminate the negative effects of Kovid-19 EGİAD, this time in the "Foreign Trade Envoys" program, which it started to advise its members on foreign trade, this time, he discussed Montenegro, which he had made a trip abroad a short time ago.

Organized for the member companies to establish or increase international cooperation and to follow the sectoral developments. EGİAD After the evaluations of Sri Lanka, Italy, Netherlands and Germany in the Foreign Trade Ambassadors Program, this time Montenegro was opened for the promotion of the members. While the tendency towards reliable foreign markets increased, especially with the stagnation period in the domestic markets and the growth of collection problems, Montenegro, with its close and reliable economy, started to attract investors with its international name Montenegro. Montenegro, a cute country that drew a new road map after leaving Serbia, whose land size is as much as Thrace, but whose tourism is 12 times its population, that is, over 8 million. EGİADIt became a favorite of the business world.

CEO and Past Period of Asmira Group, which operates in Montenegro EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan also conveyed the activities in Montenegro, where he has been operating for many years, and the processes and developments for those who want to invest in this region. Milena Pejovic, who is a consultant on corporate and commercial law in Montenegro, also attended the event, EGİAD members were intense.

EGİAD International Doors Are Opened With Foreign Trade Envoys

Meeting EGİAD It started with the opening speech of Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors. EGİAD Foreign Trade Ambassadors project EGİADYelkenbiçer, emphasizing that . EGİAD We aim to strengthen business networks by bringing its members together. EGİAD By sharing their experience and knowledge about the countries in which they operate, our Foreign Trade Envoys play a fully guiding role for our members who want to do business there, develop their trade or make investments.”

Montenegro is a Country Investors Trust

Expressing that Turkey attaches importance to the peace and stability of the Balkans, Yelkenbiçer said, “In this context, we see Montenegro as a friendly country that contributes to the peace and stability of the region. Bilateral relations are at an excellent level. High-level visits and contacts between the two countries are continuing intensively and successfully. Another important element of the relations between Turkey and Montenegro is the presence of Bosnians, Montenegrin Muslims and Albanians, who make up 17 percent of Montenegro's population. Our country is one of the most important diaspora countries in Montenegro, and the presence of relatives who migrated to our country at various dates is a separate potential and incentive for our bilateral relations.

Noting that important regulations such as the Free Trade Agreement, the Economic Cooperation Agreement, the Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments signed between the two countries, constitute the contractual basis of the economic relations between the two countries. EGİAD President Yelkenbiçer said, “THY's Istanbul-Podgorica flights, which started in July 2010, make a significant contribution to our commercial relations. As a matter of fact, THY is one of the most important airlines transporting Montenegrins to third countries in transit via Istanbul. we talked about EGİAD As part of the Trade Visit, we flew to Podgorica with a delegation of 16 people; We made many visits, especially our Ambassador. What we see as Turkish citizens has made us proud.”

Detailed Montenegro Profile from Aslan

CEO and Past Period of Asmira Group, which operates in Montenegro EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan made a detailed presentation on the political, geographical, demographic and economic structure of Montenegro. Stating that Montenegro has turned its face to the west since gaining its independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro as a result of the referendum in 2006, it aims to develop a parliamentary democratic system, to get along with its neighbors, to establish a free market economy and to integrate with Euro-Atlantic institutions, Aslan said. In line with this, Montenegro received the status of a candidate country to the European Union 4 years after gaining its independence and was included in the NATO Membership Action Plan. Within the framework of these goals, Montenegro has made rapid progress in the EU membership negotiations process and became a NATO member on 5 June 2017. There is no ethnic group that will form the majority in Montenegro, which is based on citizenship. Ethnic and religious communities can live together in harmony, the state respects all ethnic, cultural and religious identities, and in this sense, Montenegro exhibits social peace at an exemplary level for the countries in the region. With its internal peace and existing good relations with its neighbors, Montenegro makes an important contribution to stability in the Balkans.

Aslan: “We created an additional economic value of 5 Million Euros in total in terms of revenue and investment”

Talking about his investments in Montenegro, Aslan said, “As Asmira Group, in our first year in the Montenegrin market; We have created an additional economic value of 5 Million Euros in total in terms of revenue and investment. We aim to continue to multiply in the coming years,” he said. Mentioning the unemployment rates, Aslan emphasized that the ratio of the number of unemployed to the total labor force in the country was 2018% in 16,1 and said, “Montenegro ranks 16th among the countries with high unemployment in the world, and the share of the unemployed between the ages of 15-24 in the total unemployed is 41%. is 7,9% of the workforce is employed in agriculture, 17,1% in industry and 75% in services sectors. Aslan spoke as follows: “Montenegro's economy is in a transition period to the free market system. Since the privatization process that started in 1999, 85% of state-owned enterprises have been privatized. 100% of banks, telecommunications and petrol distribution companies are privatized. The economic structure of Montenegro, which is a very small country, is dominated by the service sector, including tourism. GDP is 2019 in 4.9; In 2020, it decreased to 4.1 due to the pandemic. National Income per capita was 2019 Euros in 7.959 and 2020 Euros in 6.737. The ratio of unemployment to the total labor force is 15.1 percent. In the period 2010-2019, Montenegro attracted 6,5 billion Euros of foreign direct investment, of which 66,6% came from only 10 countries. In the January-July period of 2020, foreign investments in Montenegro increased by 2019% compared to the same period of 18,4 and amounted to 285,8 million Euros. In general, Montenegro has to meet all its needs through imports from abroad. The fact that the Montenegrin market, which is in the process of restructuring, is open to new products and brands, and the market has not yet reached the saturation point, presents an opportunity for our exporters. Customs Tariff has been reset for Turkish products and this is seen as an important advantage for Turkish manufacturers.”

Milena Pejovic, who provides consultancy on corporate and commercial law in Montenegro, emphasized that they support the legal process of all kinds of investments in their firms, where more than 120 lawyers serve, and stated that all domestic and foreign investors in Montenegro have the same opportunity. Expressing that Turkish investors are in the majority in foreign investments, Pejovic said, “Foreign investment flow in 2019 is 769.9 million Euros. Last year, 11 foreign companies were operating. 280 thousand 3 of them are Turkish business people. This figure corresponds to a rate of 250 percent.

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