Eco-Tourism Attack in Kocayayla

eco tourism attack in Kocayayla
eco tourism attack in Kocayayla

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has determined the formula of development in the mountain districts of Bursa as eco-tourism, has come to the completion stage of the project implemented in Keles Kocayayla in this direction. The bungalow houses, which are built without damaging a single tree, will offer their guests a holiday in a unique landscape and highland atmosphere.

Accelerating eco-tourism investments in Orhaneli, Keles, Harmancık and Büyükorhan, the Metropolitan Municipality is preparing exemplary projects for all the natural values ​​of the city. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously brought a conference hall building with a total area of ​​900 square meters, 3 wooden bungalows of 35 square meters and 3 wooden bungalows of 45 square meters, 2 laundry room and 1 public toilet to the body of Harmancık Municipality Eko Tourism Social Facilities, has implemented a similar project both in Orhaneli. as well as Keles Kocayayla. While the project consisting of a 1-storey restaurant, 3-storey country house, 2 wooden bungalows of 32 square meters and 10 prefabricated buildings of 45 square meters in the first stage in the Orhaneli Karagöz Recreation Area continues, the project in Keles Kocayayla has now come to the stage of completion.

Privileged holiday in the plateau

The project, which was prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality in order for the Keles district to get a greater share from tourism, is being implemented in the area in Kocayayla, which is owned by the Keles Municipality. As part of the Keles Kocayayla Camping and Recreation project, 18 bungalows and a restaurant were built without damaging any trees on the site. While the productions in the bungalow and restaurant section were completed to a large extent, the landscaping works were accelerated. Within the scope of environmental regulations, both additional afforestation and region-specific landscaping will be made. Keles Kocayayla Camping and Recreation project, which is planned to be completed in November, will not only contribute to rural tourism in the region, but also offer a privileged holiday to caravan owners who prefer the region with accommodation and food services.

Increased interest in nature

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who stated that they are making great efforts to further beautify the recreation areas in Bursa, said, “All our natural beauties such as Uludağ, our beaches, our lakes, our sea, our waterfalls and our longoz are important and valuable to us. These need to be brought to the fore. We have implemented Harmancık Eco Tourism facilities before. Today it has become an area visited by thousands of people. He added value to the district. We are implementing a similar project in Orhaneli and in Keles. Especially during the pandemic process, tourism, which is intertwined with nature, has developed very seriously. We also want to seize these opportunities. Keles Kocayayla will be a frequent destination for local and foreign tourists with this project. Thus, we will provide a significant added value to the regional economy.”

Günceleme: 06/10/2021 12:34

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