Where is the E-commerce World Heading?

Where is the E-commerce World Heading?
Where is the E-commerce World Heading?

In the new era order, where the pandemic has affected the whole world, the increase in internet shopping rates has also brought the issue of security to the agenda. Nurettin Erzen, Founding Partner of İncehesap.com, stated that the issue of security in e-shopping has become more and more important in today's world, where e-commerce is becoming more and more widespread, and made statements about the future of safe shopping and e-commerce.

The coronavirus, which has taken the whole world under its influence, has carried even the shopping made for the most basic needs such as food and drink to the virtual environment. The big boom in internet shopping during the pandemic, which redefined social life, once again reminded us of the question marks about the reliability of shopping.

This issue, which is on the agenda of both consumers and shopping platforms, obliges both parties to take the necessary measures on their own.

“Investment should be made for site security”

From the point of view of e-commerce platforms, Incehesap.com Co-Founder Nurettin Erzen said that companies should invest in site security and said, "The implementation of current security protocols, keeping the software used on the site up-to-date, getting consultancy from companies providing services in the field of cyber security, and penetration testing to prevent possible crises. Some prominent measures should be taken, such as being prepared in advance and backing up all site data, especially customer information, and providing service over secure servers.”

Beware of SSL certificate and 3D payment!

From the customer's point of view, Erzen states that some precautions should be taken in terms of safe shopping, and that websites with SSL and other security protocols should be preferred and continues: entitled to bear the mark. This phrase reveals that the data you will transfer to the website will be transmitted to the other party in an encrypted way. In addition, shop with a 3D secure payment method and take care to use the websites that offer this service. 3D payment adds an additional step to the regular payment step and asks you to enter a code that comes to your mobile phone on a screen provided by the bank to verify that you are the shopper. This way, you keep yourself safe with a secondary security step.”

“Shop with virtual card”

Stating that virtual credit cards are cards that can be used free of charge from almost all banks and whose limit is determined by the user, Erzen continues his words by saying, "Before a 300 lira shopping, you can enter your bank account and set the limit of your card as 300 lira, and after your shopping you can reduce your limit to the minimum." “In this way, even if your card information is compromised, transactions exceeding the limit cannot be performed. In addition, if you are going to shop on a website for the first time, you can access the official information of the company you are dealing with by looking at the corporate and about us pages and confirm them from official sources. By browsing the complaints and customer reviews sites, you can learn about the company's after-sales support and professionalism.

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