The Best of the World Prepare for the Historic Race in Sakarya

The best of the world are preparing for the historical race in Sakarya
The best of the world are preparing for the historical race in Sakarya

The excitement of the cup, which will be a first in Turkey, begins in Sakarya on Saturday, October 23. Star cyclists are getting ready in Sunflower Cycling Valley for the BMX World Cup, which will be held with 30 athletes from 250 countries.

Sakarya, which has recently won the title of 'Bicycle City', which is one of the few in the world, will witness an excitement to be experienced for the first time in Turkey. The BMX World Cup, the most prestigious of the bicycle races in the “Cross” category, will start on October 23 in Sakarya. Excitement will reach its peak in the giant organization where nearly 30 athletes from 250 countries will compete. The racers, which include world and Olympic champions and athletes who have achieved many important successes, started preparations at the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sunflower Cycling Valley, the organization's most comprehensive facility in Europe. Athletes coming out of the start line one after the other in the valley, which is prepared with colorful paints, are preparing with great excitement to win the cup.

There will be a festival atmosphere for 9 days in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club President Cevat Ekşi stated that with the organization that the world will follow, there will be a festival atmosphere in Sakarya for 9 days and invited sports fans. Ekşi said, “Sakarya became the first city in Turkey to be awarded the 'bicycle city' title. We are in one of the few facilities, this is Sunflower Cycling Valley. There are participants from 30 countries, there will be close to 250 athletes. It will start on October 23 and continue until October 31. We will have EXPO and fairs here for 9 days, we expect high participation. It will be a very nice race in the valley of Sakarya, we are waiting for all our people here. Sakarya, which proved to the world that it is a bicycle city, and which was noticed in a short time with its investments and the giant organization it hosted, will again be the city followed by the world. During the Cup, there will be a festive atmosphere here, we are waiting for all our citizens.”

2 legs of the world cup and the Turkish championship

Championship Director Aziz Sırnaç pointed out that this organization is very important for the promotion of Sakarya and Turkey in this field. Stating that the citizens can have a good time in the valley from the day the races will start, Sırnaç said, “The most important competition here will be the BMX World Cup in the program of the UCI, the World Cycling Union. We will host both legs of this championship here. The first leg of the world cup race, which will be held in Sakarya on 2-23 October, and the second leg will be held in our city on 24-30 October. There will be a total of 31 successful athletes worldwide, including world and Olympic champions. It is one of the most watched events in the world. Only the races to be held in Sakarya have a live broadcast capacity of nearly 151 hours in 4 days. It will be a very important organization for the promotion of both our city and our country. 16 World Cups will be held in 4 days and 2 mountain bike championships will be held except these days. We will have our EXPO area, concerts and events. It will be a chance for the people of the region and Turkey to have a good time," he said.

This race is the first in Turkey

The BMX World Cup, in which athletes from Europe and different countries of the world will compete, is the first in Turkey. Sakarya, which has recently been awarded the title of Bicycle City by the World Cycling Union, is proud to host another international organization hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality. In addition to the highly anticipated races, Sunflower Cycling Valley will offer the audience an enjoyable environment for 9 days with events, concerts and the EXPO area. Within the scope of the program, the opening ceremony on October 21 at 19.30, the 23th round of the BMX World Cup at 14.00 on October 5, the 24th round of the BMX World Cup on October 14.00 at 6, the Sakarya MTB Cup on October 25 at 21.30, the 27 on October 17.00. Sakarya MTB Cup, World Cup 30th Round on 14.00 October at 7, World Cup 31th Round on 14.00 October at 8, and Sakarya MTB Night Cup race on 31 October at 21.30.

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