Lighted Warning Sign for Dinar İYAŞ Junction

illuminated warning sign for dinar iyas junction
illuminated warning sign for dinar iyas junction

Upon the occurrence of fatal and material damage traffic accidents at the smart junction known as İYAŞ Junction in Afyonkarahisar's Dinar District, solar-powered warning signaling signs were installed with the instructions of Dinar Mayor Nihat Sarı to be more careful for drivers approaching the intersection.

Within the scope of the study, a warning sign that there is an intersection ahead was installed 100 meters behind the intersection, while a compulsory right direction warning sign was installed at the point where the intersection is.

Mayor Nihat Sarı, who stated that this work will be beneficial in the prevention of accidents, said, “I believe that the lighted warning signs we have made so that the drivers approaching the intersection will notice the intersection and that the accidents will be prevented to some extent. For us, human health comes first. As a municipality, we always do our part and we will. We ask our drivers to enter the intersection carefully.” said.

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