Çaka Bey Bust Opened with Ceremony at DEU

deude caka bey bust opened with toren
deude caka bey bust opened with toren

The opening of the Çaka Bey Bust, the symbol of Turkish maritime, located in front of the Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Rectorate Building, was held with intense participation. DEU Rector Prof. Dr. Expressing that they will continue to work in the field of maritime and marine sciences in line with Turkey's rights and interests, Nükhet Hotar said, "We see it as one of the responsibilities of our big family to keep Çakabey's name and glory alive."

Dokuz Eylül University (DEU), which has pioneered studies in the field of maritime and marine sciences, inaugurated the Çaka Bey Bust, one of the symbolic names of Turkish maritime. DEU Rector Prof.Dr. Dr. Nükhet Hotar, Southern Naval Area Commander Vice Admiral Kadir Yıldız, TÜBİTAK Vice President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yozgatlıgil and university members attended. Before the opening ceremony of the bust of Çaka Bey, who made the history of the establishment of the Turkish Naval Forces a source by giving the Turks their first victory at sea, the Air Training Command Band gave a concert.


Making a speech at the opening of the ceremony, DEU Rector Prof. Dr. Nükhet Hotar stated that Dokuz Eylül University is a leading institution that carries out teaching and research activities in the field of maritime, and said, “Our university successfully performs the national/international tasks given by our state in the field of marine sciences. As in the academy world; Our university, which also fulfills its responsibilities towards our nation, state, history and culture, has raised many values ​​in this field, has been a pioneer and has put its signature under exemplary studies. In this context, having a share in the Turkification of Western Anatolia and the formation of the first Turkish navy in history; Çakabey, who took our beautiful city from the hands of Eastern Rome in 1081, became one of the historical figures that our maritime university inspired. We see it as one of the responsibilities of our big family to keep the name and glory of Çakabey, who also became a source for the establishment history of our Turkish Naval Forces and gave our great nation the first victory in the seas.”


Rector Hotar, who stated that he has signed national/international studies with the Maritime Faculty and the Marine Sciences and Technology Institute within the body of DEU, said, “We are unearthing artifacts belonging to the Ottoman warship under the scientific consultancy of our Marine Sciences and Technology Institute. Between DEU and Izmir Development Agency, to reveal and protect the underwater cultural heritage of Izmir and to contribute to cultural tourism. kazanThere is a protocol we signed in order to Supporting the Blue Growth Strategy and the Blue Homeland vision; We established the Underwater Cultural Heritage and Maritime History Application and Research Center in order to research and record underwater cultural heritage. We explained our solution proposals for mucilage and shared our pollution monitoring studies of the 'İzmir Bay Oceanographic Monitoring Project' report. We organized the International Sea of ​​Islands and Neighborhood Relations Symposium with Greece hosted by our Rectorate. Rector Hotar stated that they will continue to conduct scientific research in national and international waters in the field of maritime in line with Turkey's rights and interests.
After the opening ceremony, DEU Fine Arts Faculty Sculpture Department Sculpture Department Faculty Member Prof. Arzu Atıl and her team were given plaques.

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