Demirören Media Canceled Reuters Subscription

Demiroren has canceled the subscription to Media Reuters
Demiroren has canceled the subscription to Media Reuters

Demirören Medya canceled its subscription to the Reuters news agency, which reported that its loan debt had increased to 2 billion dollars.

Demirören Medya announced that they would end their subscription to the Reuters news agency, which reported that the loan debt that it tried to restructure by agreeing with the banks had reached 2 billion dollars.

Reuters wrote that Demirören Holding, which bought the media group, which includes Hürriyet, Posta, Fanatik, CNN Türk, Kanal D, Yay-Sat and DHA for a total of 2018 million dollars in 916, has increased the loan debt used for the transaction to 2 billion dollars. Sources familiar with the subject said that this amount could be exceeded even more with interest.

Demirören Medya made the following statements:

“Reuters News Agency has published a baseless and fabricated news about Demirören Group of Companies, which it bases on “so-called” unknown sources, in the form of manipulation, disregarding the ethical principles of the press.

This news is a slanderous slander against Demirören Group of Companies.

Demirören Group of Companies, which has been carrying out its economic activities at home and abroad with domestic and national capital for 70 years, adding added value to the development of the country's economy, employing thousands of people and carrying out all its activities in strict accordance with the laws, urged to abide by its principles.

Despite this call, Reuters News Agency did not take a stance in accordance with the professional principles of the press.

We have no confidence in the news of this agency, which does not hesitate to report on the Demirören Group of Companies for manipulation purposes.

Therefore, we are terminating our subscription relationship with Reuters News Agency.

As Demirören Medya, we would like to state that we will no longer refer to or use the contents of Reuters, which targets our company with the news it serves.

It is made public.”

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