Atherosclerosis Among The Most Deadly Diseases

Atherosclerosis Among The Most Deadly Diseases
Atherosclerosis Among The Most Deadly Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases Specialist Dr. Dr. Muharrem Arslandag gave information on the subject. Our age is the age when modernization is at a high level… Modernization is also the biggest trigger for the frequent and widespread occurrence of chronic diseases. How Does?

With modernization and technology, there are diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, and the vascular occlusions caused by these are spreading rapidly. Malnutrition, genetically modified foods, sedentary lifestyle and use of tobacco products have gradually increased. In this way, atherosclerosis, that is, hardening of the arteries, which started a long time ago, has been ingrained in the genes of our ancestors and has reached our current generation from generation to generation.

Now, sudden vascular events can be experienced in cases such as exacerbation of the triggering factors, ie blood pressure attack, extreme stress, extreme hot and cold weather, traumas that cause excessive pressure change in the chest cavity, drugs. These vascular events can be: heart attack, stroke, stroke, fatal rhythm disorders, kidney failure, blindness, ruptures of great vessels.

Aortic Dissection, that is, its rupture, is one of these situations. It is the rupture of the inner wall of the main artery from the heart, called the aorta, from anywhere. It is often fatal. With early diagnosis and rapid treatment, life can be connected. However, even in very advanced centers, this chance is very low.

After the event that gave rise to the disease, a sudden and sharp, frightening pain begins in the chest and back. Unfortunately, it won't be easy. With the progression of the tear, the mouths of the main vessels of large organs can be blocked, and many symptoms are added to the table in this way. Most importantly, the occlusion of the heart and brain vessels, stroke and heart attack occur in this way. In the meantime, the person applying to the emergency department can be diagnosed with the examination, echocardiography and tomography.

At that time, the treatment is in the form of surgery, with the decision of the cardiovascular surgeon, in a rough term, aortic repair is performed. However, in some cases, the surgeon may consider it appropriate to follow up. The magic is that the blood pressure is lowered quickly enough to protect the organs. The treatment team arranges this.

How is it protected? Prevention of arteriosclerosis also reduces this disease. The first thing to do is quit smoking, control weight and do sports! In this way, there will be a significant reduction in the disease.

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