CHP's Karasu Submits Research Proposal for Ankara Sivas YHT Line

chpli karasu gave research proposal for ankara sivas YHT line
chpli karasu gave research proposal for ankara sivas YHT line

Republican People's Party (CHP) Party Assembly Member and Sivas Deputy Ulaş Karasu submitted a research proposal for the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​​​Train Line.

The opening of the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​​​Train Line, the construction of which started in 2008 but could not be completed in the 13 years that passed, was delayed 7 times.

Karasu, who made investigations on the line route, determined that the line collapsed on the bridge located in the Yaraşbeli-Karakaya location of the Yıldızeli District of Sivas.

Drawing attention to the collapse of the bridge, the construction of which was completed in 2014, Karasu said, “We saw in the examinations we made on the route that ground improvement works are being carried out. Now, while this line was being built, weren't ground surveys done along the route? The period when these ground improvements should be made is the period when the construction starts. Who will pay for this? You cannot get out of this business by dismissing the General Managers. It is the government, the officials of the government, who must be held accountable here. He is the President who constantly comes to Sivas and gives speeches.”


Bringing the issue to the Parliament's agenda, Karasu from the CHP stated that the cost of the line increased from 9 billion liras to 20 billion liras and submitted a research proposal.

"While it was not officially announced for what reasons the line was not opened on September 4, it was determined that a collapse occurred on the bridge in the Yaraşbeli-Karakaya location, 25 kilometers from the Yıldızeli District of Sivas, as a result of the investigations," said Karasu. The occurrence of 2013 dents in the Esmebaşı Tunnel of the district constitutes a danger in terms of navigation and travel safety. The questions of whether ground work was carried out at both points remained unanswered.

Expressing that the line, which has not been completed for 13 years, is seen as an election material by the government and that it is trying to be opened before it is ready, Karasu said, “Fast, comfortable and safe travel is the common wish of all our citizens. In this sense, opening the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​​​Train Line is the common desire of everyone. But; Steps to be taken without fully ensuring navigational safety on the line will lead to irreversible damages.”

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