Carfi Mansion Rises Again

carfi mansion rises again
carfi mansion rises again

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the aim of reviving the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale, the Carfi Mansion in the Tilkilik district is also being restored. Having completed 19 percent of the restoration works in the mansion from the 50th century, the Metropolitan will put the building into the service of the people of Izmir at the end of the year as a facility where social and cultural activities are held.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHistorical buildings left to their own fate are being rebuilt on the Konak-Kadifekale axis, which is given importance by the city for the development of the city in the axis of history and tourism. Carfi Mansion in Tilkilik, where the mansions of Izmir's notables are located at the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, is also being restored by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. With the restoration and reconstruction works in Carfi Mansion, which only has a wall and a bath structure, the building comes to life again by staying true to its original form.

There will also be exhibition workshops.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality carries out restoration and reconstruction works according to the project approved by İzmir No. 1 Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board. So far, the work has reached the level of 50 percent. At the end of 2021, the historical mansion will be put into the service of the people of Izmir as a socio-cultural facility. The one-story outbuilding will have exhibition workshops and a training hall. The two-storey residential building will include seminar halls, exhibition space, conference hall and administrative offices.

Fifty percent okay

Giving information about the restoration works of Carfi Mansion, Tuğçe Gümürçinler, Civil Engineer at Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Historical Buildings Branch, said, “The mansion is located in a 940 square meter garden. Only one wall survives from the two-storey mansion from the 19th century, and a bathhouse from the outbuildings. We have completed fifty percent of the work in the restoration works that we started by staying true to the original texture of the mansion. The restoration of the vaulted space, which was found during the stone wall works and excavations on the basement floor, has been completed. The wooden carcass of the ground floor has been completed, the first floor wood carcass production continues. The wall of the old bath was completed, and the construction of the dome began. The construction of the stone walls at the garden border continues," he said.

Donated to EÇEV by the Carfi family in 1997

The two-storey mansion in a large garden belonging to the Carfi family is located on 19 Street in the Tilkilik district of Izmir, where the deep-rooted families lived in the 945th century. The family donated the mansion to EÇEV in 1997. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality undertook the restoration and reconstruction of the structure, registered by the Izmir No. 1 Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, within the scope of the protocol signed with EÇEV.

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