Bursa's 2300-year-old dungeon opened to art

bursa's annual dungeon opened for art
bursa's annual dungeon opened for art

Zindankapı, whose restoration was completed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and whose history dates back to 200 BC, was put into service as a digital museum and art gallery. The dark dungeons opened with a ceremony attended by Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan will shed light on Bursa's culture and art life from now on.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has transformed Bursa into an open-air museum with restorations in a wide range from 8500-year-old Archeopark to 2300-year-old Bithynia walls, from 700-year-old Ottoman artifacts to Republican era civil architecture examples, within the scope of historical and cultural heritage works, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has opened yet another important gate of the Bursa city walls. lifted. The city walls, which were built by the Bithynia King Prusias with the suggestion of Carthaginian General Hannibal, who escaped from the Romans and took refuge in him, underwent various repairs during the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, and were supported by bastions after the conquest of the city by Orhan Gazi, regained the glory of the first day with the restoration of the Metropolitan Municipality. Having previously completed the restorations of the Sultanate Gate, Fetih Kapı and Yer Kapı on the walls, which are approximately 3 meters long, the Metropolitan Municipality has completed the restoration of Zindankapı, an example of the Istanbul Yedikule Dungeons. Located in Alacahirka Neighborhood, Zindankapı, where the 'bloody well', 'torture room', 'corridors connected to the tower' and 'dungeons' are located, now hosts an interactive digital museum and a contemporary art gallery with rich exhibitions. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan, Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Bursa Deputies, district mayors and many guests attended the opening ceremony of Zindankapı, which will shed light on the cultural and artistic life of Bursa.

Bursa will continue to be ahead

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who stated that Bursa is a unique city with its 8500 years of historical and cultural accumulation, natural beauties and fertile lands, said that every square of Bursa, which has traces of every period from Bithynia to the Byzantine, from the Ottoman to the Republican period. He said it was a historical treasure. Stating that they are working on many points to protect the historical and cultural heritage and carry it to the future, Mayor Aktaş said, “Places where the historical texture is intensely felt are cities with castles. Bursa Castle, which was started to be built by the Bithynians, used by the Romans and Byzantines, and repaired many times during the Ottoman period, is also a focal point in the sense that it bears the traces of different civilizations. After the meticulous work that our Metropolitan Municipality started in 2015 and continued until 2020, it was restored in accordance with its original form. I sincerely thank our previous mayor, Recep Altepe, who pioneered the initiation of these works. Zindankapı, which is located in Alacahirka Neighborhood and opened on the skirts of Uludağ, was revived and came to life again as an important part of our Bursa. This place will now serve its visitors as a place where culture, art and social life are intertwined. I hope Bursa will continue to be at the forefront, as it has always been in the Ottoman Empire, as it has been since the first years of the Republic, by assuming the leading role”.

an amazing work

Nadir Alpaslan, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that the restoration of Zindankapı is perhaps a very important work in terms of Turkish restoration history and that a magnificent work has been unearthed. Reminding that Bursa was chosen as the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World in 2022 and that it will host the Turkish World Nomad Games in Iznik in September 2022, Alpaslan said, “I believe that Bursa will successfully cope with these beautiful organizations. Of course, our city of Bursa is a pioneering and exemplary city, a world brand city. It is advancing with very strong steps, confident steps and very good works on its way to becoming a world brand. He quickly attains this potential and works worthy of his name. With the works to be done after the demolitions in the Hanlar Region that befits the historical texture of Bursa, Bursa will be worthy of its historical texture and will attain its magnificent appearance. With the added restoration works, it will add richness to Bursa's wealth and brand to its brand. I would like to express my great pleasure and pride as a Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a man of culture, with these beautiful works. I would like to say that we, as the Ministry, provide all kinds of support and follow them. I would like to thank all those who contributed to this beautiful work," he said.

After the speeches, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş presented a painting to Derya Yücel, the Deputy Minister Alpaslan and the curator of Zindankapı's first exhibition, "Song of Timelessness". With the cutting of the opening ribbon, Bursa's 2300-year-old dungeon was opened to culture and art.

Historical walls turned to canvas

The opening ceremony of Zindankapı, which adds a special value to Bursa's silhouette, turned into a visual feast. The giant mapping show, in which the walls of Zindankapı turn into screens and canvases, was watched with interest. With the “Immersive Mapping Operetta” show, in which more than one technology is used simultaneously, the guests embarked on a journey into the depths of space, time and space. The performance, which was specially composed for the night by electronic music composer Erdem Tunalı, was accompanied by vocals by State Opera and Ballet singer Tenor Berk Dalkılıç and Soprano Ceren Aydın, and Zindankapı's epic story of 2 years and its rebirth from its ashes was revealed with this visual feast.

timeless song

After the show, the guests visited the 'Timelessness Song Exhibition' opened at the Zindankapı Contemporary Art Gallery, curated by Derya Yücel. The exhibition, which consists of installations, sculptures, drawings and performance-video works by local and foreign artists, can be visited free of charge until 17 January 2022.

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