Buca Municipality Provided Employment to 10 People in 380 Months

buca municipality provided employment to people per month
buca municipality provided employment to people per month

Buca Municipality, which took responsibility for the fight against unemployment, one of the biggest problems of Turkey, contributed to employment. Thanks to the Yellow Table Solution Center Employment Desk, which acts as a bridge between employers and job seekers, 2021 people have been employed since January 380.

With the pandemic process in our country, there has been a great increase in unemployment figures. According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), announced the previous day; While the unemployment rate was realized as 12,1, the number of unemployed reached 3 million 965 thousand people. Buca Municipality has also produced projects in order to find a solution to this important problem, at least to some extent. Establishing the Buca Career Platform, which brings employers and job seekers together online within the scope of the Yellow Table Solution Center Employment Desk, the municipality also expanded its connections with national and international companies with which it cooperates.


Working in connection with a total of 64 companies, Buca Municipality has received job applications from 2021 thousand 2 people, 377 thousand 2 women and 246 thousand 4 men, since January 623. 70 percent of the applications were blue-collar and 30 percent were white-collar. 80 percent of the applicants were aged 18-45, and 20 percent were aged 45 and over. Sixty percent of the job seekers were primary and secondary school graduates, and 60 percent were high school, vocational high school, open education faculties and undergraduate graduates. A total of 40 collective job interviews were conducted. One thousand and 30 people participated in the interviews, and 50 of these people were employed.


It was stated that the job postings were announced through the social media accounts of Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç. At the same time, it was stated that you can come to the Yellow Table Solution Center Employment Desk located on the ground floor of the Buca Municipality's service building and fill out your resume or apply to the job positions opened by the companies via the bucakariyer.com website.

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