Breast Cancer Art Workshop Brings Patients Together

breast cancer art workshop brings patients together
breast cancer art workshop brings patients together

In the treatment of breast cancer, patient morale and motivation are as important as medical treatments. During this treatment, taking advantage of the healing power of art; Engaging in visual arts such as painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography is good for the patient's body and soul.

Memorial Health Group organized an event at the Memorial Art Workshop on Monday, October 11, between 12.00-14.00 to draw attention to the healing power of art in breast cancer and to paint with breast cancer patients.

Patients who had breast cancer at a young age, who were interested in the art of painting, who received support from painting during this difficult period, and who successfully survived the breast cancer treatment process attended the Memorial Art Workshop.

Surgical Oncology Specialist Prof. from Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Breast Health Center. Dr. Fatih Aydoğan gave the following information about the positive effects of being interested in art in the treatment of breast cancer:

In the treatment of breast cancer, patient morale and motivation are as important as medical treatments. The fact that the patient is free from stress, leads a balanced life, and pays attention to pleasant work and activities gives positive results during chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. We also advise our patients not to lose their joy of life, even during the most difficult stages of treatment, and to focus on hobbies and art that will make them happy and connect them to life. Because, according to scientific studies, being interested in fine arts increases the hormones of happiness while lowering the levels of stress hormones. In addition, it increases the patient's treatment and quality of life by providing physical mobility. For example, reflecting our inner world, emotions and dreams on canvas, painting, using colors freely, taking photographs, visiting exhibitions and participating in cultural and artistic activities contribute significantly to the treatment process of diseases.

In oncology patients, it is necessary not to be satisfied with the standard surgery, medication and radiation treatments for the treatment of the tumor. With improved treatments, patients are now living longer. However, it is necessary to consider the psychological and social aspects of the patients. Physical, mental and social activities not only increase the quality of life, but also play a helpful role in the treatment of diseases. It also contributes to the reduction of treatment-related side effects. Many changes occur in patients due to breast cancer treatment. Breast loss, loss of sensation, hair and eyebrow loss, skin changes, weight problems are some of them. In addition to these, feelings of alienation, loneliness, anxiety, and isolation from the environment can be seen. Art therapy contributes to solving problems between people, gaining communication skills, reducing anxiety and stress, gaining self-confidence and insight. In other words, the person feels more valuable. In a study, it was shown that 8 weeks of art activities decreased anxiety and stress, as well as increased blood flow in some parts of the brain.

“Pink Hope” Exhibition is at Memorial Art Gallery for Breast Cancer Awareness…

As part of the 1-31 October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Memorial Health Group opened its doors to the group exhibition "Pink Hope", as well as the art workshop it launched to increase the motivation of patients in breast cancer treatment and to draw attention to the healing power of art.

In the exhibition prepared in cooperation with Bahariye Art Gallery in Memorial Bahçelievler Art Gallery; Atilla Atar, Benan Çokokumuş, Dagmar Gogdün, Dincer Ozcelik, Deniz Deniz, Ecevit Uresin, Gulseren Dalbudak, Hülya Kucukoglu, Kristine Veisa, Melis Korkmaz, Mustafa Aslier, Necmiye Ozsengul, Neriman Oyman, Nur Ulubil, Orhan Umut, Perihan Ata, Perihan Sadikoglu , Saba Çağlar Güneyli, Sema Koç, Ümit Gezgin and Vural Yıldırım.

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