Brambles Appoints Marisa Sanchez as Director of Decarbonization

brambles appoints marisa sanchez as director of global supply chain decarbonisation
brambles appoints marisa sanchez as director of global supply chain decarbonisation

Global supply chain solutions company Brambles, operating in 60 countries around the world under the CHEP brand, has appointed Marisa Sanchez, a sustainability expert with climate risk and carbon experience, to the new Global Supply Chain Decarbonisation Director position.

Brambles, a global supply chain solutions company operating in 60 countries under the CHEP brand, has accelerated its efforts to achieve emission reduction targets consistent with the Paris Climate Agreement and its work carried out in line with the Regenerative Supply Chain Goals by establishing the position of Global Supply Chain Decarbonization Director. Marisa Sanchez, who was appointed director of the new unit; stands out as a highly experienced sustainability leader with extensive climate risk and carbon experience due to its expertise in consultancy, industry and philanthropy. Together with Sanchez, CHEP will help make the most of the many business opportunities stemming from the low-carbon transition and help make the company's business even more sustainable.

According to the information made by the company; Working closely with both supply chain and sustainability leadership teams and regional areas of responsibility, Marisa Sanchez will be responsible for the development and implementation of Brambles' global carbon reduction strategy. In particular, this task will include work to identify the actions necessary to successfully integrate the company's 2025 and 2030 'Positive Climate' targets into its supply chain operations and meet its carbon reduction commitments, including initiatives that support a zero-carbon business model for customers.

“It is time to make a real method change to mitigate the effects of climate change”

Juan Jose Freijo, Head of Global Sustainability at Brambles, said: “Now is the time for companies to make a real change in the way they mitigate the effects of climate change. We must act together to decarbonize companies in the global economy, one of the greatest challenges of our time. Marisa Sanchez has experience and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for companies like ours that are targeting decarbonisation. “I am confident that Sanchez's passion for the environment and commitment to our regenerative mission will help us develop a sustainable business model that will be successful in the future.”

Who is Marisa Sanchez?

Marisa Sanchez; He has expertise in sustainability with his knowledge in consultancy, industry and philanthropy, and climate risk and carbon experience gained in various sectors. Sanchez has worked at Orica, the world's major supplier of commercial explosives and blasting systems, where he served as the Climate Change Lead Consultant in Australia and Spain, and has worked for worldwide organizations such as Deloitte. Sanchez also supports nonprofits such as New York-based Standards for Climate Neutrality and Action Against Hunger. Marisa Sanchez, who is also a lecturer on climate risk and adaptation, holds a master's degree in Environmental Engineering and Management from Madrid EOI Business School (Escuela de Organización Industrial).

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