Commercial Taxi Plate Tender to Be Held in Bismil

Tender for commercial taxi plate will be held in Bismil
Tender for commercial taxi plate will be held in Bismil

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality went out to tender for 130 commercial taxi license plates in Bismil. The Metropolitan Municipality will tender the commercial taxi license plate for 29 years in order to register the taxi transportation in Bismil, to prevent pirate transportation, to maintain the taxi services in an orderly manner and to ensure the necessary inspections.

25 vehicle plates will be tendered at the stops to be established at 25 points, including Municipality 10, İstasyon Caddesi 10, Fatih neighborhood 15, Darlı road 15, Hospital 15, TOKİ 15, Industry 8, and 130 vehicles in Siteler and University.

The tender, which requires 5 years retroactively and still resides in Bismil from the date of the tender, will be held with the Open Bid Procedure in accordance with Article 2886 of the State Tender Law No. 45.

Real persons will be able to participate in the tender, the approximate value of each commercial plate is determined as 100 thousand liras excluding VAT. In the tender where everyone can apply for each plate, the person who is entitled to sign the contract will not be able to bid for the other plates.

Different payment options will be offered

The winners of the tender will be able to pay half of the price in cash and the other half in 2 installments within a year. In addition, a 10% discount will be applied to those who want to pay the entire price at once.

Persons who fulfill the payment conditions must buy a vehicle with the desired feature within 3 months at the latest and start operating.

Tenders are on October 11-12

The tenders to be held by the Municipal Committee, separately for each plate, at 11:12 on October 10-00, at the Ali Emiri Cultural Center, will continue in the following days if they are not completed on the specified days.

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