Special Bearings for the Needs of the Food Industry

bearings tailored to the needs of the food industry
bearings tailored to the needs of the food industry

Silkar Endaş offers services for the needs of the food industry with its own brand Seguro's 6000 series of fixed balls. Silkar Endaş responds to the needs of the industry with its “Fixed Ball 6000” series stainless product produced under the Seguro brand in order to further expand its product range in the food industry.

Evaluating the needs in the food sector, Silkar Endaş Sales Director Agah Tokat; “The food industry is an important field with extra expectations. They are particularly sensitive to hygiene. For these reasons, bearings made of stainless steel are preferred rather than bearings made with standard steel in the food industry. We are only in the food industry

We do not provide solutions with the Seguro brand. We also offer services with our brands such as Schaeffler and NSK. Seguro 6000 series bearings are manufactured in stainless steel and in accordance with ISO standards. In this way, it can be easily replaced with the bearings available in the market.”


Seguro, a brand belonging to the Silkar Endaş group; It carries out production through two different departments, automotive and industry.

The products offered in the automotive spare parts section; brake pads, bearings, bodywork, tensioner bars - tensioner pulleys, miscellaneous products.

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