80 percent of Baykar Savunma's income comes from exports

Percent of Baykar Defense's income comes from exports.
Percent of Baykar Defense's income comes from exports.

Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar gave important information about Baykar Defense activities in the "Gündem Özel" interview of Dünya newspaper. Referring to the successful missions of Bayraktar TB2, Selçuk Bayraktar stated that TB2 has export negotiations with 10 countries. Selcuk Bayraktar, Bayraktar TB2 and Baykar Defense's statements about exports are as follows:

Even though we have faced some obstacles to this day when we started this business, we have never lost our faith and we have struggled with all our strength. Just at the beginning of the road, a bureaucrat told me that we had to give up directly, that foreigners were taking over, and that because I was a well-educated young man, I could translate between foreigners and themselves. Here we have tried our best to destroy this mentality. There were times when we couldn't find a runway to fly or get permission to shoot ammunition, but with the support of the political will, we overcame these obstacles properly. We never gave up our fight. All R&D activities carried out by Baykar since the first day are carried out entirely with its own resources. Since the day we were founded, we have not received any support in the form of a loan or a grant. We are currently making our investments with our own resources. We have export relations with more than 2 countries for our Bayraktar TB10 SİHA. For years, more than 70 percent of Baykar's revenues come from exports. In fact, we achieved more than 80 percent of our revenues from exports, with a slight increase this year.

Bayraktar TB2 exported to five countries

The first contract for the export of Bayraktar TB2 was signed with Qatar in 2018. The factory acceptance tests of 2019 Bayraktar TB6 SİHAs and 2 Ground Control Stations received by the Qatar Armed Forces in 3 were also completed in the same year.

Later, 6 Bayraktar TB2s were exported to Ukraine. Satisfied with the vehicles, Ukraine also ordered Bayraktar TB2 for the navy. The Ukrainian Navy received the first Bayraktar TB2 order. TB2s were exported to Azerbaijan after Ukraine. The TB2s that emerged during the Karabakh War took on important tasks throughout the war. Bayraktar TB2 SİHA has made a great impression on the world public opinion with its successful missions in Azerbaijan. It was understood that one of the countries in question was Turkmenistan. On the 30th Independence Day of Turkmenistan, Bayraktar TB191 SİHAs with tail numbers T192, T195 and T2 took part in the military parade in the cortege.

Bayraktar TB2 was finally exported to Poland. With the export of a SİHA to a NATO member for the first time, Polish exports came to the fore.

Source: defenceturk

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