President Seçer Visited the 9 Thousand-Year-Old Yumuktepe Mound

President Secer visited the thousand-year-old yumiktepe mound
President Secer visited the thousand-year-old yumiktepe mound

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer visited Yumuktepe Mound with his wife Meral Seçer. Excavations in the mound where excavations continue, the head of the excavation Prof. Dr. Isabella Caneva and the excavation team gave President Seçer information about the 9-year history of Yumuktepe. After the examinations, President Seçer stated that they rolled up their sleeves to implement the Archeopark project in Yumuktepe Mound, which sheds light on the history of humanity, and said, "We are seeking to open such a value to the service of humanity."

During the visit to Yumuktepe Mound; Mayor Seçer and his wife Meral Seçer, as well as Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats and heads of departments, Yumuktepe excavation head Prof. Dr. Isabella Caneva, the second head of the excavation, Dr. Eric Jean and neolithic expert Dr. Orkun Hamza Kaycı took part.

“Our teacher Caneva has a very important experience”

President Seçer made a speech about the historical periods in the mound, which is stated to consist of 33 layers. Dr. By getting information from Isabella Caneva, about the periods sohbet he did. President Seçer and his wife Meral Seçer followed the decomposition process of wheat, pea and grape seeds dating back 7 and 8 thousand years, called the flotation phase.

President Seçer made his speech by the 29-year-old excavation director of Yumuktepe Mound, who will retire this year, Prof. Dr. He started by thanking Isabella Caneva for her efforts. Seçer said, “Our teacher, Signora Isabella Caneva, has done very important and valuable work here for many years with her team. 29 years are over and now he says 'I will retire', but of course he is now an honorary citizen of Mersin. He will surely go to his country, to Italy from time to time, but he will be here as well and will make some contributions to us. Because our teacher Caneva has a very important knowledge”.

“We rolled up our sleeves to bring the Archeopark project to life”

Emphasizing that they are trying to make very important projections on Yumuktepe Mound, President Seçer said:

“You have such a value. Actually, here is the compact version of Mersin history. In other words, we can talk about the history of Mersin as a whole, 9 thousand years ago. That's the important thing. The life here, which started 9 thousand years ago, according to the findings so far, is layer by layer. So far, 33 layers have been detected. Different life styles belonging to each period have been detected here. From the materials people use to the seeds they use in agricultural production, these have been identified here. It is very important, very valuable resources, but I would like to express that; Frankly, I regret that such a value has been left to its own fate for many years. That's why we quickly rolled up our sleeves to bring the Archeopark project to life here. He is actually one of the reasons for our visit here today. Now, it is necessary to bring this project to life and bring it to life. In a very short time, we will make different touches by arranging this place duly. Important and valuable projects were also carried out in this regard. Of course, we will implement it after obtaining the necessary permissions from the Conservation Board. In fact, we seek to open such a value to the service and knowledge of the world, humanity, rather than just offering it to the people of Mersin.”

prof. Dr. Caneva gave information about the importance of Yumuktepe Mound

prof. Dr. Explaining that Yumuktepe is a settlement area for a very long time, Isabella Caneva said, “Yumuktepe is a settlement of 9 thousand years. There is no other example as far as I know or there is, but it does not show such a complete, uninterrupted course. There is also a special settlement, that is, a different system, a life system in each layer. It was used as a castle at one time. It was used as a trade center at one time. In another period it was used as a church and monastery. In other words, it shows us its economic and political situation in every period.”

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