Foods That Are Good For Headaches

foods that are good for headaches
foods that are good for headaches

Expert Dietitian Zülal Yalçın gave information about the subject. Headache has recently emerged as a health problem that has decreased our quality of life and has increased significantly. The most important reasons that trigger headaches are sleep, eating disorders and wrong food selection. Apart from nutritional factors, stress also occupies an important place in the occurrence of headaches. However, with the right food choices, you can control the stress you experience during the day by increasing the level of Seratonin, which is called the happiness hormone in the body.

Let's take a look at the methods and foods that you can apply in daily life, which will be good for your headache:


Turkish coffee can be a good solution to relieve your headache. But with the logic that it will be good for headaches, caffeine should not be overdone. You should be careful not to exceed two cups of coffee during the day.

You may have a magnesium deficiency! 

If you have frequent headaches, your magnesium level may be low. You can add nuts to your diet during the day and consume more dark green leafy vegetables. Most importantly, if you do not have a blood pressure problem, you can increase your magnesium level by consuming one mineral water every day.


You can consume it by throwing a few pieces of fresh ginger into the water you consume during the day. It has been proven in some studies that ginger is as good for headaches as pain relievers. At the same time, ginger is used as a very powerful natural solution to the nausea problem that sometimes comes with headaches.

Herbal teas! 

If you have headaches caused by stress, you can get support from some herbal teas to reduce the stress in your body and calm your body. Especially fennel, lemon balm and chamomile tea, one cup a day, will help you relax and relieve your headache.

Watch your water consumption! 

A dehydrated body can cause a headache. For this reason, drinking plenty of water during the day will help relieve and pass your headache. Do not forget that at least two liters of water you drink a day have a very high protective effect on your body health.

Fresh air and exercise! 

If it is possible to increase your oxygen intake, to go outside if we are working indoors, walking will be very good for your headache.

Apart from these, also pay attention to your meal and sleep times to prevent the occurrence of headaches: 

  • Be careful not to consume anything after 20.00:XNUMX at the latest!
  • Don't stay up late at night!
  • As much as possible, prefer the food you cook yourself rather than eating out!

And don't forget! When you have a headache, you can try to alleviate it with natural methods instead of immediately turning to painkillers, and as a result, you can see great benefits.

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