Baja Troia will be in Çanakkale on October 28-31.

baja troia in canakkale in october
baja troia in canakkale in october

Baja Troia Turkey, which has been organized by the Istanbul Offroad Club (İSOFF) for the last 5 years as the Turkey leg of the International East European Tout Terrain Series, will start again with magnificent stages in Çanakkale between 28-31 October.

In this challenging race, which will be run in the Rally and Raid Categories, the well-known offroad teams from Turkey and the world will start both off-road stages and high-speed performance stages.

One week before the registrations close, 14 teams, 50 of which are foreign, registered in the race, and the well-known racing team Italian Ralliart is coming to Turkey with 8 vehicles. In addition to teams from Italy, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Hungary, Turkey's leading offroad pylors will also compete in the race.

In the organization that will last for 4 days, the teams will compete in the stages located on the route determined at the borders of Çanakkale and Bayramiç. The race, which will start with the start ceremony in front of the Trojan Horse in the center of Çanakkale on Thursday, October 28, with the participation of all racing vehicles, will continue with the Prologue stage on the special track next to Kipa. The teams will run the 29 kilometers long Ida 328 and Ida 1 stages on Friday, 2 October, the 30 kilometers Kebrene 390 and Kebrene 1 stages on Saturday, 2 October, the 31 kilometers long Troy stage on Sunday, 248 October, and the special audience stage in the area next to Kipa.

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